Get Your Energy Boost With Energy Bomb Chewing Gum

Feeling Tired? Hit that 3pm slump? Get your energy boost with the Energy Bombs Chewing Gum! I generally stay as far away from caffeine as humanly possible. Mostly because my caffeine of choice is frozen coffee. As I'm sure most of you could imagine, frozen, or iced coffee has more sugar in it than actual caffeine. So I decided that it wasn't worth to drink. Not to mention it was really high … [Read more...]

Treat Yourself To Trixi’s Treasures & Giveaway

Where are all my snackers at? Boy do I have a treat for you! I recently quit my job that had me sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Naturally it enabled me to become more of a snacker. I tried my best to make healthy snack choices, but sometimes I just got bored. I wanted something that felt more like a treat rather than the same boring snack mixes. So I expanded my searches to online for new snacking … [Read more...]

Hippity Hoppity Palmer Chocolate’s On It’s Way With A Giveaway!

Making Candy Fun- Palmer Chocolate's Just the other day I was walking through the grocery store talking about how Easter was my favorite. My husband chimed in with, "I though Halloween was your favorite Holiday". In which I replied it is, but Easter is my favorite candy holiday! He looked at me puzzled and confused as thinking to himself if there was really a difference. I've always been … [Read more...]

It Was Not By Choice, But By Force – Suburban Propane

STAY FAR AWAY FROM SUBURBAN PROPANE- YOU PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES! I've never been the type of person to put a company on blast on social media. However, I've been pushed to my limits with this particular company, here's why. My family and I moved into our park almost 2 years ago. When we moved into the park we were told that they had one specific propane company they used. We at the time felt … [Read more...]

Mix, Match & Attach with Chapstick Duo’s

Chapstick Duo's make it possible to have up to 28 different flavor combinations!!   I've shared with you in the past several products from the brand Chapstick! However this is unlike anything else I've shared with you from them. It's not your ordinary tube of lip balm. This gives you, the user the ability to create something unique and user specific. … [Read more...]