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Good evening everyone! I have had so much awesome stuff arrive here within the last couple days so I am going to try to get them all up as soon as possible. With the Easter holiday coming up I have a lot happening for you guys that I need to stay on track with it all. I recently took my reviewing to YouTube, I felt that some reviews would shine better in video then in just a written review. Plush Puffs is one of those reviews so be sure to check out my YouTube video for it as well.

I received FOUR boxes, yes I said four boxes of Plush Puff Marshmallow squares. My husband is a marshmallow nut so I knew he’d be super excited to try these out with me! We got Peppi-Mint, Toasty Coconut, Chocolate Chippeta and Simply S’mores!

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We tried the Simple S’mores one first and though it was alright it didn’t taste like an actual s’mores to us. It was hard to pin point an actual flavor to it other than sweet. The marshmallows were SUPER soft and squishy. I tried the Peppi-Mint next and I absolutely fell in love. I was sold right then and there on these products. They weren’t over powering, but they sure had enough mint in there to make them bold. My son really enjoyed these ones as well (as seen on the YouTube video).

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These retail for $6.49 a box, however they aren’t sold everywhere locally. That alone makes me really sad, but you’re able to purchase them offline on their website. You can also look here to see if they are at a location near you. These are a nice quick, little snack to have in the evening for dessert or to cure a sweet tooth craving. Over all very delicious, and I’d recommend trying them for sure!

Be sure to check them out on their Media link & channels for the latest and greatest in Plush Puff Marshmallows!



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