3 Great Gifts For Grandma

What do you get the lady who has everything? Buying for our kids is a piece of cake. Even the other half is fairly easily placated. Our sisters, brothers and cousins are a cinch, our friends a snap! But seniors are notoriously difficult to buy for. Grans, Grannies, Grandmas, Nannas… The only time they cause us the slightest consternation is when we have to find them the perfect gift. They have, after all, spent decades more than us accumulating stuff wither from their own purchases or in the forms of gifts from those who adore them. When we ask Grandma what she’d like for her birthday this year, we just know she’s going to smile warmly and insist that she already has everything she needs. But we want to get her something that shows the extent to which she’s loved and cherished. We want to show her that we’ve never forgotten the thousands of little acts of kindness she’s shown us since we were babies in her arms. Thus, I’ve compiled this list that will yield something for even the most well supplied of seniors…

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A senior friendly cell phone

You won’t be the first person to buy your Grandma a cell phone. She’ll no doubt have had a great many over the years, and she probably found them all incomprehensible. Unless you have a really Gangsta Granny it’s unlikely that she’ll have the dexterity or patience to use a smartphone. That’s why Excellus communications have created this completely senior friendly cell phone that’s the Granddaddy of big mobile phones. The buttons are large and easy to read and access, the speaking keypad is easy to lock, and the menus are easy and intuitive to navigate. For the hard of hearing, it has enhanced volume and hearing aid compatibility. Best of all the phone even has an emergency button on the back giving an SOS emergency alert when held down for 5 seconds with 24 hour monitoring.

Help digitize their photos

Who doesn’t love flicking through old photo albums to relive the joys of our old memories? Since our grandparents will likely have so many memories, the chances are that they’ll have a lot of photos. Unfortunately, they’re probably lying untouched in half forgotten photo albums buried under piles of clothes and bedding in a cupboard somewhere.

Using a scanning app like Heirloom, digitizing their photos and presenting them on an electronic frame will give them the gift of memories that just keeps on giving.

A key finder

If your grandparents are forever forgetting where they put their keys, glasses, hearing aid, purse etc. the Magicfly key finder can be extraordinarily helpful to them. This easy to use and can track up to four items using color coded tags. Simply attach one of the tags to whatever item gets lost the most often, press the corresponding colored button and the tag attached to the item will emit a distinctive warble, making it easy to locate. They’ll get so much use out of it that you’ll probably want to pick up one for yourself too!

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