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Wild Eye Designs

I’ve recently obtained some great and uniquely designed kitchenware, that double as home decor pieces. Wild Eye Designs master in the art of creative design, and functionality. Bringing you a variety of items to use in home, or to give as gifts. Living in a household of 8 you can imagine I spend a lot of time in my kitchen preparing food. It’s only natural to have the need to be equipped with all the common cooking essentials. So when I saw that the above mentioned had some pretty cute kitchen accessories I had to reach out!

The two items I requested to review for you guys are two basic kitchen items. Measuring Cups, and Bowls. This particular set has the deer pattern on it. I love that they’re stack able and I’ve used these items everyday since the day I’ve gotten them. The cups are great for me to measure out my food at meal times.

Wild Eye Designs

“Are you a fawn of baking? Seriously doe, you’ll love our new deer measuring cups. These stackable ceramic cups are a charming addition to any kitchen! Measurements of 1 cup, 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup.


Dishwasher and Microwave Safe” – www.wildeyedesigns.com

In addition to the cups, the stack-able bowls are great too! They’re displayed on my kitchen counter for easy access to use by myself and children. I put my 1 cup meals into them, (if I don’t just eat right out of the 1 c measuring cup) my children also use them at snack time. They’re great sizes, and because they’re ceramic they don’t tip over if they’re eating cereal out of them.

Wild Eye Designs Something For Everyone

With categories like Bar, Beer, Dining, Kitchen, Wine, Men’s Gifts and Inspiration.

There’s so much to see, and gift with this company. You can shop their products at the following Online Retailers.

Also available online here.

Consider Wild Eye Designs for your next gift giving occasion!




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