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Introducing a new way for your kids to get interactive with their activities!


My children love coloring, and making art projects. As  a parent who cleans up after my children, I don’t always love the process of them doing so. I try to keep in mind that they’re playing, and using their imaginations. That’s what any parent wants for their child while growing up. Even though they very much enjoy coloring in regular books, they tend to lose interest rather quickly. I’m not blind to the fact that children these days need interactive activities to keep their attention! Which is why when I found away to combine the two, I knew I had to share with the rest of the parents out there! Playwithbookz is a company that provides several different themed coloring books, that allow your children to be engaged and interactive with.  Imagine coloring your favorite characters and seeing them come to life before your eyes! Coloring doesn’t have to be plain and boring anymore. The possibilities are endless with these 4D coloring books!

 “This is the magical world of Augmented Reality by DEVAR! Our products help children develop special relationships with books. Children color the characters and images on the pages, and with the help of our free DEVAR app, their creations come alive, with sounds and animations. The books make learning numbers, letters, and colors super fun!

Playwithbookz has enchanted characters, farm animals, and cars engage children for hours! Our books cover a wide range of topics, and we are constantly adding new titles to our catalog. Augmented Reality by DEVAR is perfect for children as young as 3 to as old as 11. Our books make fantastic gifts for birthdays, holidays, and as party favors.”

How To Get Interactive:

  • Simply purchase any one of the Playwithbookz coloring books.
  • Downloand the FREE APP DEVAR KIDS
  • Open the app and select the appropriate book you’d like to play with.
  • Enter the activate code from the back of the book to unlock its features
  • Point Smart Device over the coloring until it turns green and comes to life. (Available devices may include Smart Phones on apple, or andoid, and tablets).

Some of the books have over 40 facts to share about the animals within its book. My daughter loves learning about the animals, my son loves coloring in his Night Riders in Augmented Reality book. He can race using his very own designed car, what is better than that to a 8-year-old boy? These books provide hours of play, and use of their imagination. It keeps them busy long enough for me to get laundry done, or even take a shower in peace!

Please check out all of the variety options for your books here– and note that prices vary by book style. I plan on taking these with us this summer during vacations, or camping trips. I feel they’ll be beneficial for the children to have. If you purchase one I’d love to see your designs and creativity. Be sure to tag me @thingsinreview, and @Devarkidsusa.

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