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Play-Doh Bath Time Fun With Townley Girl *Update with Giveaway*

No More Arguing About Bath Time, Townley Girl Has The Solution! The dreaded sound of whining from my eight year old every time I tell him it's time to shower. You would think someone just told him that Pizza doesn't exist anymore. However my 3-year-old daughter won't stop be begging me to take baths. She's even ventured into wanting to take showers... but "only with mamma!" … [Read more...]

Fill Your Easter Baskets with Townley Girl Giveaway

What's going in your Easter Baskets? I have two children, one of which is 8 years old. You'd think by now I'd have some sort of routine as to what goes in our Easter Baskets. Let me be the first to say, that I haven't a clue on what to put in them. Aside from the normal, traditional junk (candy) I don't usually have a set list. I remember growing up and having other trinkets, or toys that were … [Read more...]

Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts for Girls

"Our Nightmare Before Christmas gifts for girls is colorful, cool, and just a little creepy." - Townleygirl In honor of the fact that today is Halloween, I want to bring to you a special feature! Something I think is perfectly fitting for both Halloween, and Specifically Christmas! Who here loves Jack Skellington as much as I do? Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas are such huge … [Read more...]


ENTER TO WIN GIVEAWAY'S Active Giveaways: Palmers Easter Chocolate Giveaway Ends 3/26/17 Hidrate Spark 2.0 First Ever Smart Water Bottle Ends 3/28/17 Trixi's Treasures- 5 Winners to win 6 Bags of Snacks. Ends 3/31/17 $25.00 Worth of Energy Bomb Chewing Gum Ends 4/5/17 Mother's Day Palmer 13lb Chocolate Giveaway- Ends 5/8/17 Corsos Cookie Bouquet - Mother's Day Ends … [Read more...]

2017 Holiday Gift Guide on ThingsinReview

BROWSE THINGSINREVIEW'S 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Hello, this is where you will find the 2017 holiday gift guide for the whole year. I'm just getting back into after taking some personal time. If you'd like your products to be featured feel free to reach out to me, feel free to email myself Christina Dale at I happily welcome and encourage the following holiday's or … [Read more...]