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Academic Planner

I spent the last two days deep cleaning my house. Organizing it to my liking, with hopes for a smooth start to the new school year. Having two children in school this year is going to be hectic. Any type or organization or schedules will help keep this year on track!
I know some schools have the luxury to provide the children with academic planners. Allowing them to keep track of their daily and weekly assignments. I’m thankful for these because it helps my son remember his homework. Having a child with ADHD means keeping a routine. He will excel with structure and a perfect place for those daily academic reminders.

Order Out of Chaos has been a wonderful solution for my son and I. This particular planner was designed with your student in mind. I also use one for myself to schedule my blog and social media posts. Tracking the bills, keeping track of appointments and school functions.

              Academic Planner Insight & Features:

 “I’m Leslie Josel and I created and curated these products to help YOU help your student. Working with students and their parents to develop organizing and time management techniques is my passion.  Through over a decade of coaching, I have come to realize these critical life skills don’t come naturally to everyone but they CAN be taught and learned.”

You may find yourself needing an planner for your child if you’re experiencing any of these situations:

  • Your child has no time sense – doesn’t realize that what he has due next week or next month might need to be started today.
  • Waits until the last minute and then rushes to complete assignments.
  • Doesn’t know how to study. Take notes. Or even tests.
  • You’ve been searching for tips and tools to help your child and yourself to no avail.
 I am a huge fan of the 2017-2018 Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management® – PERSONAL-SIZE (8¼ x 8½)
It nicely provides enough blocks for my son and I to write our assignments, or work projects into. You can choose to do it based on time & subjects, or simply as a check list style. Over the past few years I’ve gone through several different style planners. This one meets all my needs, and wants. I also find that it’s highly affordable in relation to other planners.
 If you are looking for an affordable, and effective way to get organized this school year consider using 15%OFF as the coupon code for 15% off everything in their online store! Also be sure to check some of my other Back to School posts! 



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