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You might be saying to yourself “It’s August already?”, well if that’s the case you’re certainly not alone. Many of us are asking ourselves the same question and wondering what we’re going to do when the summer fades into fall and winter is upon us! Winter can only mean one thing for us… the holidays are coming, again! I feel like we just settled down from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Our bank accounts are still suffering, and here we sit realizing its coming upon us yet again, sooner than we’d like.

I struggle a lot when it comes to gifts for my family members. I’m not sure what they could use, or need since I’m not with them all the time. Most of the time I go with something practical and hope that they really like it, or will at least lie and say they do :). I haven’t even started thinking about what practical gifts you’ll all be getting so don’t bother asking. What I can tell you though is that Acurite has a lot of great products, and if it wasn’t for this review I would have looked over.

I blown away at the amount of products I could see myself and my family actually using. I was offered the opportunity to review two great items from Acurite. The first item was a much needed personal item for our house. We needed a clock in our house, how many of you don’t have a clock in our house? I mean a real clock, not one that is on your stove, or microwave. We haven’t had one in any of our apartments, and we needed to change that.


The 16-inch Fleur-de-Lis Metal Wall Clock is both beautiful and elegant looking. It looks so good on our light yellow walls in the dining room. It doesn’t sit flush with the wall so it has a 3D effect to it which really makes it stand out. (Literally). The only downfall about this particular clock is that it’s not the best clock to teach your 6 year old how to tell time on. I will also mention this clock doesn’t come with a AA battery, you have to purchase that separately. The Fleur-de-Lis clock is the perfect addition to our decor, and retails for $39.99 and can be purchased on the Acurite website!

The next item was something my son finds a ton of enjoyment in. He’s really into checking the weather, and wanting to dress accordingly which is great. However there are times when he doesn’t always make the best clothing decision when getting dressed. Which is why we’re happy to have our What-To-Wear Weather Station.


What’s great about the Weather Station is that it’s Self-Calibrating Forecasting is generated from weather data measured by a sensor in your yard – giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location. 20 different icons provide a clothing recommendation based on the forecast to help you prepare for your day. You can mount the white remote outside to get an accurate read of the weather. The display screen is prefect for table top, or also being mounted on the wall.

My son can now look at the picture of the guy on our weather station and be able to tell what to wear. He checks it every morning, and periodically throughout the day so he knows if he has to change before going outside. I love that it tells the inside temp as well, makes me know that my theory of our  Air Conditioner crapping the bed is true. If you’re looking for away to teach your children how to dress appropriately for the weather consider getting a What-To-Wear Weather Station. They retail for $34.99, and has a 1 year limited warranty as does most of their items. The only thing I’d say negatively about this product is I wished the screen had a light up function so I could check it in the mornings, or at night. Its truly not a big deal, but it was just something I noticed I looked for and didn’t find.

Check out all of the other great Acurite products on their website, and consider them this year when purchasing gifts for that special someone!

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