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The flu has been awful this year! Thankfully, and fingers crossed, my family hasn’t been hit with it. It’s been brought to my attention with research, however, that you’re likely to pick up the flu germs while visiting the doctor. So, imagine going into the doctor for your child’s well visit and coming out with a sickness carried in the air. What if I told you there was away to both see and speak with a doctor and avoid the risk of picking up an additional illness?!

Amwell is an amazing interactive App that allows you to have mobile Dr visits. This is a great on the go option for families that don’t have a ton of time, or have offices that are hard to get into. In addition, it makes comfort an additional luxury to be had. No wrestling with your child in the waiting room!

By using Amwell you have access to a long list of physicians and specialists! When signing up they ask for your insurance info. That way they can bill you accordingly. I was shocked at the number of Insurances accepted. Even if your insurance isn’t on the approved insurance list they’ll see you. Depending on the service/doctor you’re requesting to see the co-payment in my opinion is affordable.


Once you’ve chosen your physician you’re then asked a quick series of questions. This is to provide the Doctor with a bit of background and information about your visit. You’re then placed in a queue line to wait for the Doctor. The app tells you how many people are in line ahead of you. However there isn’t a display for your estimated wait time, which I found to be a bit difficult to gage time wise how long we’d have to wait. That being said though they do allow you the option to change the Doctor you see, if one comes available before your chosen Doctor gets to you.


Amwell Consults On:

  • Acne
  • Cold Sores
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Strep Throat

Click Here to view a full list of other topics to discuss with your Doctor!

MOM41 is the code to use to receive 25% off an urgent care visit at Amwell!

Our Experience With Amwell:

We used our medical visit to talk to the Doctor about my daughter’s toe. She had an accident that required her to have several stitches placed in her toe. We didn’t want to waste the time pulling her out of school, and driving 30 minutes to her Doctor. So we chose Amwell to give us some insight and guidance. The first thing we did was introduce ourselves!  After that we begin discussing my daughters injury. We needed a follow up as the stitches were not dissolving as we were told they would. We wanted to know what our options were for treatment. He asked us a series of questions to get a sense of her case. After that we  got quick, and helpful feedback. The doctor was very informative and professional.  The doctor advised us that soaking, and gently rubbing it would help loosen the skin around the stitches. He said to give that a try and if not to follow up with the surgeons office that preformed the procedure.  I will say that it was harder for the Doctor to assess the toe as he could not touch it. The doctor did his best asking questions that would help him make the best care and follow up plan!

The over all video, and connection was clear and in working proper functionality. In addition, another great feature is the ability to still get prescriptions. Your Doctor could just as easily call in, or send over a medication request! Dowload Amwell Today!


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Come Get In On This!!!

If you struggle with juggling multiple kids, or finding time to leave work. Amwell may be the solution you’re looking for! Thanks to my friends at Amwell they’ve generously provided you all with a code! MOM41 is the code to use to receive 25% off an urgent care visit at Amwell! This code’s good until 12/31/18, that’s amazing! If you have any additional questions, or concerns you can check out their FAQ Page!



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