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Art Restart

As the holidays quickly approach us I wanted away to make a difference in others lives. Having children, and teaching them that it’s always better to give than receive made me realize something. I realized that we could all be doing more, more to help others. Easily in fact! What If told you that there was away to save people’s lives. Simply by doing something so many of us do around the holidays already? I’m talking about sending greeting cards in the mail. I know it’s old-fashioned, but its the one thing that so many of us still do. Do you know how many Christmas cards are sent each year? 2 Billion Christmas cards are sent out each year, so that means we could be making a tremendous difference. Let me explain how is it is, and why we should!

About The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, their children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty! Many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. While they refer to those they serve as “members,” no fees are ever charged for programs or services. One of their programs is called the Art Restart program!

In 2016, The Gathering Place:

  • Recorded 61,744 total visits
  • Served 5,986 adults and 1,952 children
  • Provided 65,544 nutritious meals
  • Distributed 62,963 pounds of food from Betsy’s Cupboard
  • Housed 28 individuals; 21 individuals stayed housed for at least 6 months
  • Distributed 2,367 toiletry kits
  • Provided 17,060 diapers
  • Tutored 112 students in our education program
  • Enabled 2 students to earn high school equivalency degrees
  • Provided computer lab access to 1,165 members
  • Facilitated 524 medical screenings
  • Provided $25,000 in earned income for members from the Card Project and Art Restart
  • Received 15,000 hours of volunteer support


Art Restart is a social enterprise..

which sells original art in the form of greeting cards. There are created by the artists of The Gathering Place. Our artists are women and transgender individuals who are experiencing homelessness or poverty. Each artist receives a 5% royalty when her cards are sold. Which is an amount that is among the highest percentage when compared to the industry standard.

By selling bulk orders of 50 cards or more of beautiful, original pieces of art, we hope our cards connect more people to our mission. Take a look at some of the original pieces of work created for your choosing. You can help someone get back on their feet by choosing their cards to send to your friends and family. It’s truly like giving a gift twice.

Art Restart has its roots in The Card Project, an initiative started by The Gathering Place more than 25 years ago. The Card Project sells individual handmade cards and distributes the profits to the artists as each card is sold. It offers the women opportunities for confidence-building, self-expression, and financial gain. The artwork touches the lives of both artist and customer and remains one of our strongest program offerings at The Gathering Place. Art Restart is a separate, social enterprise selling licensed original artwork in the form of cards by our artists. Art Restart orders are available in bulk only. Through Art Restart we are engaging in a new initiative to connect with a larger audience and tell our story.


Ways To Spread The Message…

Take a moment to browse the selection of Holiday Cards that are offered with the Restart Program! Get your kids involved in this project as well, have them go out and hand out holiday cards to people in your area. Send them to your closest friends and family, all while supporting the mission, and providing someone a chance to get back their life. Id like to hand them out at a local soup kitchen, or food drive! Consider purchasing from here this year when making your card selections, I know they’re appreciate it!

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