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Good morning to each and every one of you! This review has to be one that I’ve been the most excited about reviewing in a long time. While I enjoy reviewing all the items I get, some really hit home more than others. This one for example is really going to help me out when we finally close on our new home. Levana sent me the Ayden Video Baby Monitor to review. I had contacted them because I know several women who are pregnant and in the market for a baby monitor, mothers who are looking to upgrade. Once we move into the new place Raeya, my 1 and half-year old will be transitioned into her toddler bed. I guess it’s less of transitioning as it’s forcing her to use it. We just decided that the crib has been taken apart one to many times and feel it wont make it through this move. 


We are hoping with the Ayden Video Monitor we’re able to “train” her from a far with verbal ques to get in bed, or to lay down. This particular monitor has a two-way talk feature on it which is a huge improvement from any of the monitors we’ve owned in the past. We have had video monitors before, but they haven’t had the option to talk to your little one and try soothing them from your own bed. Sometimes that’s all Raeya needs is to be soothed with the sound of mine or my husband’s voice. That feature alone had me loving this monitor.

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The video quality is impressive on this camera. My husband is a very protective father, and what I mean by that is he has bought a security system for our house. I understand why one would purchase one, but I am unfortunately am one of those people who never think the worst could happen.  With that being said my husband was floored when he saw how well these worked and kept texting me from work telling me how much we need to purchase three more cameras. That’s another great feature, you can have one base/monitor that can sync to 4 cameras at once. You can also split the screen so you can see all the rooms at once vs clicking through. I had a good friend of mine ask about this feature in particular because she has twins and would like to see both of them at once. Each additional camera is $59.99, which is more than reasonable for the quality and features this system provides.

sddefault Lets talk about some of the other great features this video monitor has to offer. There are a lot, and while I may forget some I will try my best to bring forth the ones that I found beneficial, and what I think would be useful for any parents. The camera picks up temperature within the room it sits, and shows on the lower right hand corner of the monitor. If you’re ever wondering if your little one is too cold, or too hot this could be a quick indicator. The monitor allows you to turn on a choice of three soothing sleep sounds for your child to listen to, that plays through the camera. Last night I couldn’t get Raeya to settle and I turned the music and it caught her attention and soothed her back to sleep.

The camera is confined to a limited space if you choose to use the cord for a wall outlet. We wanted to monitor a larger area but because it wouldn’t reach an outlet that far up on the wall. We then realized that the camera can be used wirelessly, but you run the risk of burning through tons, and tons of batteries. The video monitor lasts about 2 and half days without a full charge. You can play with the settings of the sensitivity of the camera, and when it lights up the monitor. I have it set pretty high, so that way it takes a good scream, or loud noise to active the monitor turning on. This morning my daughter slept till almost 9:30 and that NEVER happens. I was worried, so I turned on the monitor to check for movement, but before I saw her move I could HEAR her breathing. The audio is FANTASTIC, and I without a doubt recommend this monitor to anyone looking to monitor their children, or anything for that matter. My husband and I WILL be purchasing at least 2 additional cameras when we move to install into the house.

Now that you’ve all been waiting for the price of the complete system! The Ayden Video Baby Monitor is $129.99 and can be bought on the Levana website. I think I spent close to that on my old video monitor I had for my now 6 year old. It really puts things into perspective, I got ripped off. I am so happy I can bring to you a GREAT quality product at an affordable and reasonable price! Be sure to show your love and support by checking out Levana on Social Media!

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