BALMSHOT- Loaded with lip balm… not buckshot

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“BALMSHOT, LLC is an Idaho USA based company that manufactures very popular Lip Balm and Breath Spray in their patented shotgun shell dispenser. Balmshot is a fast seller, sold through the USA and Canada. It is very popular among both men, women and teenagers. Unique, cool and functional.” As I browsed around for some creative, never before seen father’s day gifts I saw this lip balm and I thought how cool was that, my husband would love them! He’s huge into guns, and ammo and this was a creative, and innovative way to showcase his hobby.



A man by the name of Wayne S Forrey created this company after a series of misfortune events.  Wayne contracted lip cancer due to being outdoors all the time enjoying his favorite hobbies. He had to have reconstructive surgery, and began using lip balm everyday. However he had several occasions where ordinary lip balm created a huge mess in his pockets. The traditional lip balm packaging has a disk base that would twist the lip balm up into the cap, and thus creating a mess. After Wayne heard many other people experienced the same issue he went to work creating his own dispenser system and better product.

Perks of BALMSHOT:

  • SPF 15 beeswax formula
  • Lip Balm is great for outdoor wear
  • Authentic 20 Gauge Shotshell Dispener
  • Smooth Turning Metal Base & Tight Fitting Cap
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping
  • Proceeds from “Pink” products are donated to the Mountain States Tumor

You can Purchase Balmshot in the following flavors- Classic, Vanilla Mint, Cool Mint and Pomegranate. Sold in 2 Packs ($7.99), 4 Packs ($15.99) and 6 Packs ($23.99).

Check out the location link to find a store near you that sells them. You can also order directly offline. Check out and follow them on social media!


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