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Ever Wonder What’s Bariatric Approved… Read On To Find Out!

Bariatric Approved
Today is the 22nd of May! That means 22 days ago I under went gastric bypass surgery. Also commonly known as Roux-en-Y (RNY). Some don’t know the extent of what weight loss surgery means. Yes you lose a ton of weight, become healthy, and gain confidence. However what about the extreme limitations of food. I’m not just talking about just the amount of food. I’m also talking about the types of foods. I am very limited right now since I’m only 22days post op. My limitations don’t just go away after being months post op. It’s a life long choice, yes I said choice. I chose to be limited, but for great reason.

Bariatric Approved

I know I won’t be this strictly limited once my stomach heals. Which is why I’ve been researching new foods and products that will make this journey a bit more enjoyable. As a bariatric patient and a member of several weight loss communities I strive to still find variety. I want to share a few products and companies that offer bariatric approved foods and beverages. I’m looking to be able to share as many as I can with all of you.

                    Bariatric Approved Foods

Protein2o Water

Protein2o is crafted with 15g of premium whey protein isolate in each bottle —That’s 30% the daily value of protein in every serving. Get the fuel your body needs and enjoy your favorite low calorie, low carb flavor today!

It comes in 5 flavors, my personal favorite is the Wild Cherry!

Try their other flavors:

Mixed Berry, Tropical Coconut, Harvest Grape, and Classic Lemonade.

Most common purchase place aside from online is Rite Aid. I wish there were more stores that carried products like this. As someone who needs at least 70 grams of protein daily, and minimum of 64 fl oz of water this is a great product. By drinking Protein2o, I’m able to achieve my goals.

Connect at @Protein2o


Every Accomplishment Starts With A Decision To Try… New Things?

I’m going to go into a little detail about the meal plans after surgery.

Everyone’s surgeon is different, and may require different plans for their patients. However a basic meal plan goes as follows. The first week after surgery is a liquid diet. Up next and for about 4 weeks you’re on pureed foods. You then graduate you soft foods at around 5 weeks.
As you can imagine I’m sick of them. I don’t particularly like the way they taste, or smell for that matter. So I try to make it tolerable by switching up flavors, brands and how I make them. I reached out to BiproUSA and they were happy to send me samples of their products. I’m so glad they did, because I’ve been able to meet my goals for protein and water.
Their shakes come in the following flavors, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Unflavored. What’s great about the unflavored protein, is I can add it into any meals I make. I made soup one evening, and put some powder directly into the soup. It didn’t alter the taste, or texture one bit. I am  HUGE FAN of their protein water! BiPro protein infused water comes in three great tasting flavors! Berry Burst, Lemon or Peach Power. This new product carries one scoop of BiPro (20 grams of protein) per bottle. BiPro Protein Water contains zero grams of fat, sugar and carbohydrates in just 90 calories. Order online or check here for locations near you!

What About Other Items?

What if you’re farther along in your journey, and you want something other than a water, or protein shake? I’ve come across a website that allows you to order Bariatric Approved foods. It’s basically an online store designed to help bariatric patients make healthy choices and have options.

Ambari Nutrition

” Our products, originally created for medical weight loss, are made from the highest quality ingredients and are designed specifically to support a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to add some high-quality protein into your diet, or just want to lose some weight the healthy way, you’ve come to the right place.”
I tried some of these items prior to surgery, and I was so glad I did. Now I know where I’ll be ordering from after I get the “okay” to have regular foods again.

Frosted Marshmallow Brownie

~ 10g Protein ~

The Frosted Marshmallow Brownie bars are made from a rich chocolate brownie covered with a sweet layer of marshmallow frosting while providing 10 grams of high quality protein in these gourmet style bars.

That’s something I’d eat regardless my limitations. I was impressed by the taste, and texture.

My daughter and I have also tried the Double Bites Cheddar Cheese. They’re way better in my opinion of a regular chip, or Cheez-it. They’re very crunchy, and packed with a delicious cheese flavor! I look forward to using this company for a lot of my after surgery grocery needs!
Over the course of my journey I intend to share new products, and foods with you. I hope it helps others going through the same things, or looking into weight loss surgery. Even if you’re just looking to making a healthy change to your diet.

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