Beat The Heat

Happy Sunday Funday everyone, I hope your weekend was a bit cooler than mine! I don’t like to complain to much about the heat because living in New York (no not the city) we have horrendous winters as well! I try to keep in mind that it really could be a whole heck of a lot worse but when you have 90 degree weather it’s hard to see the bright side of things! I just wanted to share with all you ways that my family and I beat the heat on days like this!

The first thing we always try to do is eat lighter meals. The idea of slaving over a hot stove, or turning the oven on just makes me sweat. So we do things like sandwiches, fruit salad, cereal, fruit smoothies. Really the options are endless with the combos of food you could put together and make a meal. The best part about it is we as parents won’t say no to our kids because deep down inside we want to eat those same yummy, cold foods too.

My husband even suggested to have Ice-cream for dinner last night, YES dinner! We didn’t but we certainly contemplated doing so. We did however have some ice-cream after dinner and it was really delicious! My favorite ice-cream recently has been the ice-cream sandwiches. I forgot how good an ice-cream sandwich can be on a hot day, or any day for that matter.
The next thing I recommend daily, but especially in the heat and when sweating a lot. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Be sure to replenish yourself with lots of water. You’re recommended to drink half your body weight in water daily. I would try to increase that a little more when you’re sweating more than usual. If you’re like my husband and can’t stand water you can try drinks like Powerade, or Gatorade just be aware of the sodium and sugar within the drink. My children are huge fans of water with Mio, or any type of water enhancers. I try to limit the amount of milk they dink on hot days because well…. no one wants to clean up that mess.
The next two go hand in hand, both are outdoor related. ALWAYS put sunscreen on yourself and little ones even if you don’t think the sun is high enough, or visible. There is nothing more heartbreaking then having to tend to a child with a sunburn when it could be protected. I use nothing less than 50 SPF, and try for a water resistant formulas as they like to be in the kiddie pool.
I’ll leave you all with a fun idea for your little ones to beat the heat while enjoying the outdoors, and water play. Take a bucket and toss some little toy figures into it, fill with water and let it freeze solid. Once its frozen, dump the bucket out on the ground, porch or table and have your children try to dig the toys out with a spoon. It will keep them busy, and cool for hours! If you’re lucky just long enough for you to enjoy a nice frozen adult beverage of your choosing.
What do you do to beat the heat in the summer time? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and ideas on ways to keep summer fun and cool! Until next time, stay cool and hydrated!


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