BIC Brings the Back to School Essentials

BIC has the latest in Back to School Writing Utensils!


Once again I find myself pondering how the summer months are almost behind us. Wondering just how many more day’s I can put off preparing for the upcoming school year. With the help of BIC, I now have a head start on my 2017-2018 school year. They’ve sent me some pretty exciting products that I’m eager to share with you! In fact I said to my husband “where were these back to school essentials when we were in school?”

BIC (Best in Class) Introduces:

4-Color- BIC is now available with 3 inks and 1 pencil for efficient writing.

Features: Blue, Black and Red Ink

0.7mm mechanical pencil all in one base.

Perfect for fun and colorful expression

Compact and convenient way to carry both ink and pencil

SRP: $6.88ea


Gel-ocity- Quick Dry Fashion Retractable Gel Pen

Fast-drying in dries up to 3x faster for less smearing

Provides super-smooth writing experience

Comfortable full-grip barrel that comes in vibrant fun colors

Available in 0.7mm medium point in a variety of classic and fashion in colors.

SRP (4pk) $6.99- available in 3 and 8 packs as well.

I was surprised by the size of the BIC Velocity Max –

SRP (2pk) $6.79

I love seeing the base of the pencil is a bit wider for easier grip. Also that the pencil’s eraser is 75% larger. My son always seems to use up the eraser before the pencil is gone. The plus side to this product purchase is the extra lead, and erasers!

Our Personal Favorite:

BIC Intensity Fineliner:- Perfect pen for writing, doodling, drafting and my personal favorite adult coloring!

Provides vibrant cheerful colors to get creative with.

Use for bold, crisp writing and narrow coloring spaces.

No worry of bleeding through the paper/pages.

SRP (6pk) $7.20 but sold in 3 and 10 packs.


You can purchase products like these in most supplies stores and stores selling back to school supplies. If you’re having a hard time, you can certainly ShopBIC online. Feel free to browse their bundles for a more extensive purchase!

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