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So I’ve started and deleted this post at least 10 times now. With this being my first post, I think i am over thinking what to write and what content to put into it. All that you lovely readers need to know is that I have a love for many things and over the course of this blog i plan to review each of these things. I have had several people ask me about the things i eat, wear, places i go, the things i do in my spare time. I figure its easier to just let everyone else know too. With that being said, my first review will be on the pros/cons and differences in the company called Beachbody, but more specifically the 21 Day Fix program.

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So first things first- Beachbody is the company that brings you the workout programs that you may have seen all over the infomercials late at night. P90x with fitness trainer Tony Horton, Insanity with Shaun T, and Turbofire with Chalene Johnson. Well in the early months of 2014 Beachbody added another great trainer to their team, Autumn Calabrese. She brought us both an amazing workout program, but also a nutritional program. When these two programs go hand in hand they create amazing results.

Now i was a little skeptical at first, like most are when it comes to buying a fitness program. You have so many questions, and doubts going through your mind. Well I am here to put all of those to rest and answer those for you.

What is it?!

It’s easier if I just show you the quick video on it vs trying to explain it and leave something super important out lol.

The program lasts 21 day, 21 days!!! You can do as many rounds of it as you’d like with no breaks in between. After all this is how you’re supposed to be eating on a daily basis, not just for 21 days. You have the opportunity to lose up to 15lbs in 21 days, why would you NOT want to?

*How much does it cost?

The 21 day fix has two purchase options. The first would be to just buy the program that comes with your color coded meal blocks, nutritional food guide/book, (6) 30 minute dvds and i believe a shaker cup. This would cost 60.00 for a one time cost. The second option is to buy what they call a Challenge Pack. A CP is the program items listed previously AND a 30 day supply of Shakeology. This price is 160.00, and you’ll be enrolled in auto ship to continue getting shakeology every month unless you call and cancel it. The cost for JUST Shakeology is 129.00 plus tax and shipping per month if you choose to opt out of the direct ship every month. As you can see if you purchase both items together you get a pretty significant discount.

Does it really work?

10577058_10152267439242807_2939297657759440931_nThis is me 🙂

I am a person who likes to SEE results vs just hearing a testimony of how well something worked. This transformation only took a few months to do, and I use Shakeology daily, and follow the meal plan. If you follow the meal plan provide and don’t deviate too much from it, you’ll get amazing results just like I did. You get the results you put the work in for.

*Can I still do it if I’ve never worked out before?

YES! It’s that simple. Each workout video has a modifier who shows you how to do the same workout but with less stress, and intensity. This can easily be tailored to any person no matter their fitness level, or weight.

You will need 2 sets of weights 1 heavy, and 1 light. I use 5lbs and 10lbs, but use whatever is comfortable to you. You’ll also want a yoga mat, all of these items you can find affordable at a Walmart or other big retail store.

*What is Shakeology?

Again the best information I can give you is by showing you the amazingly made video.


*Does it taste good?

Shakeology comes in a few flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Greenberry. We also offer a Vegan Chocolate and Vegan Tropical Strawberry.

I LOVE Chocolate, its my favorite flavor, and Strawberry comes in at a close second. I will be honest Vanilla is not my cup of tea, but there are lots of people who love Vanilla. I find Vanilla to be more gritty then the others.

There are several ways for you to prepare your shakeology to make it unique to you. I make mine with either water, or almond milk. You can also add fruits, veggies, Peanut Butter, the list is endless. Be creative, and have fun with it.

Is there something else cheaper I can drink?

I get this a lot due to the price being so “expensive”. I say… or write it like that rather because if you take the cost of the bag 130.00 and divide it by 30 servings you’re paying only 4.33 a day per shake. Most people spend that if not more going through drive through to get their morning coffee and breakfast.

Long story short… is YES you probably could find something cheaper to drink, BUT it will not be anything close to what Shakeology is offering you nutritionally. Shakeology is packed with the best super foods and has been clinically proven to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and strength your immune system. You really get what you pay for, if you want to be cheap, you’re going to get cheap products.

What can I eat on the program?

  You can eat all sorts of things, I would be here all day if i listed off all the amazing meals you could eat with the way the meal program is designed for you. Its all about eating clean, eating the proper portions and retraining your body. This is designed to help you make a lifestyle change, not let it become another fad diet. I will just for fun add some photos of meals ive made that are “Fix Approved”.

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If you want more info on the program please contact me Productsinreview@gmail.com

I am a beachbody coach, so I can also help you purchase the program if its something you’re wanting to try.

Please comments, questions and other requests for reviews in the comments section.

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