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June is National Candy Month, so I wanted to to do something fun for you guys. I contacted a bunch candy companies that were new and exciting. Bocandy is a subscription box service that sends candy to your door step each month for $15.00. What’s great about bocandy is that it sends unique candies from all around the world. Some of the candies have popular brand names like Kit Kat, and Oreo but they are unlike anything we’ve had here in the US. I was super excited to review this box for you, so lets get into it!


This is how it came to me, and from previous pictures and reviews I’ve seen it usually came in a bag so this was a nice surprise to see. Again this box is $15.00 a month,and I’d say for the amount of items within the box (10-12) it’s well worth the experience of trying new candies from around the world. Here is a closer look at the contents of my box.


Some of the candies had multiples within the box which was nice since I was trying this box with my kids and husband.

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Above is my kids are enjoying a Kanjers Extra Grote Stroopwafel. The package came with two cookie like waffles. It’s meant to be eaten with your coffee or tea. If you place the waffle over your hot beverage it will heat up the caramel within the waffle. It almost tasted like french toast, or the cookie and caramel parts to a Twix bar. This was one of our favorites in the box.

We also have a KitKat Nestle bar, but again this isn’t your typical American chocolate KitKat bar. This KitKat was green in color because of a Japanese Matcha Tea coating.To me it was more of a white chocolate flavor. It also seemed to be a softer chocolate on the outside vs the chocolate on the American candy bar. Very good! 11292608_10153022724877807_1783285189_n

Up next we have of our least favorites of the bunch. Here in the US we have a popular candy called FunDip. This next

candy similar but not at all delicious. It’s called Dip Dab by a company called Candy Land formerly known as Barratt. This candy was made in Britain. I wouldn’t even say it has an actual flavor to is, but it says it’s a Sherbet Dip with a tasty strawberry flavored lolly. The dip left a really thick texture in our mouth when it hit our tongue and it wasn’t at all pleasant.


Another not so good item in the box was a snack called Twiglets from the UK. I thought they were going to be really good based on the packaging and the look of the food alone. The Twiglets were too salty, and almost had a burnt taste to it. They seem to be packaged as a healthy snack option, but my kids didn’t like them at all.


Lets talk about our favorite item in the box which came with 3 of them in the box. They are called Milkita, smooth and creamy milk candies. The strawberry Milkita was just like sucking down a strawberry milkshake from your favorite dining establishment. They are hard candies but they quickly turn soft and chewy. We were all very pleased with these ones, and look forward to try some other flavors from Milkita! 11106305_10153022725842807_112612535_n       11297896_10153022725587807_1034642005_n

The last item I am going to mention is one of my favorite items in the box. There was only one of them, and I ate it before anyone had the option of sharing it with me. (Shhh) It’s by Nabisco and called an Oreo Chocolate Bar Mini Strawberry from Japan. Japan certainly has the right idea with this product, it was so delicious. The strawberry flavor was so bold and mixed well with the chocolate. My only is that it was too small, I will have to see if they make a larger bar.

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Over all this box was amazing, and something I’d certainly look forward to getting every month. I love experiencing the different flavors, and packaging of candies from around the world. If you’re look for a box that has culture in it, as well as a great taste certainly consider subscribing to Bocandy!

In the mean time check them out on Social Media if you’d like.

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