Cosmos Creations: Everything You Want, Nothing You Dont!

<3 Cosmos Creations <3 About Cosmos Creations "When it comes to snack foods, just about anyone can pump out unhealthy products at a rapid clip. At Cosmos Creations, we’re slowing things down. We’ve made the commitment and investment to use only all natural ingredients to create a snack food with a premium, indulgent, artisan taste. If you’re ready for a unique experience, then let … [Read more...]

Male Gift Guide To Get You Ready For Christmas

I don’t want to be premature, but now summer seems to be over it’s not surprising that many minds are turning to winter and Christmas. There aren’t many more months to go until the big 25th. It’s always worth preparing in advance for the holiday season, especially as it can cause a big financial impact. Thinking ahead and sometimes buying gifts in advance can save you a bit of time and money in … [Read more...]

Basket Fillers – FlipaZoo – The Toy That Flips For You!

The Toy That Flips For You, FlipaZoo!!! Still on the hunt for that perfect basket fillers for Easter? Look no further than one of the latest as seen on tv items. FlipaZoo has two great items available for purchase this Spring. Mini Collectibles and Flipzee Stuffed Animals. If you have small children like I do, they may have already spotted them in stores. At places like Wal-Mart, of the As Seen … [Read more...]

Modern Day Technologies Enhance the Family Dynamic

Some may say that technology is creating a family divide; this may be true, but only if you let it. If you use it your advantage in ways that mean the whole family are being stimulated, even when they are not using technology communally, it will ultimately lead to a happy household, and a happy household is one that can’t easily be divided. A family gathered around a tablet … [Read more...]

The Perfect Spring Look with Rimmel London

Read On To Achieve the Perfect Spring Look! I've partnered with Rimmel London USA to bring you some must have essentials to creating that beautiful spring look. I love the dramatic dark looks that the Fall & Winter allow me to have. However there's something so beautiful about a light, subtle spring look. It really just puts you in the mood for warm weather, and long nights. … [Read more...]

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