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It’s to no surprise that I’m featuring Albanese Gummi’s. If you’ve been following me for the last few years you’d know they’re my favorite gummi candy. I first reviewed them in 2015, you can find my previous reviews here and here. However they’ll tell you the same exact thing. That you’re missing out on the best tasting confections! Can you believe that for over 30 years Albanese Candy has been making the worlds best gummy bears?

I recently found out that our local Wegman’s sells this particular candy but in their own packaging. That made me so happy to know they’re just right down the road from me. Not sure if my bariatic surgeon would agree that it’s “fantastic” news! Kidding, I don’t eat a ton of them at one time. My husband and children on the other hand, are impossible to keep them out. They’re so soft, chewy and brightly colored so they appeal to the little ones. Albanese never stop creating new products for their consumers! This year for Easter they’ve introduced a few new products!

What’s New?

Sherbet Gummi Bears –

You don’t have to eat ice cream to get your favorite Sherbet flavors! Each Gummi has a mix of fun & yum creating a perfectly sweet swirled Gummi Bear, just like your favorite ice cream!

Flavors include: Orange, Lime, & Strawberry

These are my daughter’s go-to after dinner treat. She asks for some of each color, but Pink’s her favorite.

Easter Peanut Lover’s Mix

Includes: Butter Toffee Peanuts, Blanched Roasted & Salted Peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Light Pink, Lavender, Pastel Green & Turquoise Chocolate Gems

They also have a mix that’s called Bunny Tracks Mix, it’s the same as above but with Easter candy corn.

This is great to put out at Easter dinner for munching, or to serve as a spring break snack for the kids!

Albanese’s Returning Favorite:

Gummi Albunnies-

Forget about bears this Easter (wait not really). It’s all about the bunny this Easter! Enjoy Gummi Albunnies in Mango, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Cherry, & Grape.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing Albanese Gummi Candy, or their new nut mixes! I’ve loved my partnership with them, and hope to continue bring the latest creations. Feel free to keep up with them on social media until then!

@AlbaneseCandy or AlbaneseConfectionery on Facebook!

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