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Cuddle Barn- Gifting A Cuddle This Christmas!

Cuddle Barn

About Cuddle Barn:

Cuddle Barn is a leading designer and manufacturer of animated plush gifts. Founded in 2009, we are committed to providing unique products for the world’s enjoyment. Our collection features high quality materials, cutting edge animation and entertaining new sounds.  Our mission is to put a Smile on Your Face. There’s so many toys to choose from, making gifting these an easy option!

I’ve purchased musical plush animals from their website in the past. In addition to how adorable they are, they’re also made very well. We’ve had several of ours for a few years now. Which makes them able to be cherished and played with for years to come. These are more expensive than your typical everyday stuffed animals. These come detailed, and with a motorized and musical feature to them.

Preston the Storytelling Pig


Product Description

12″ Preston the Storytelling pig will delight all who listens.

  • Preston recites the classic fairy tale of the “Three Little Pigs”
  • 4 Finger Puppets are included inside the box
  • His colorful scenic gift box can be converted into a fun play prop for the puppets by punching out the windows and doors
  • Batteries included

My four year old daughter uses this before bedtime, or nap time as something that soothes her! However her most favorite also comes from the New Releases.

Britney the Cheer Bear


Product Description

12″ Bear bops and shakes her pom poms to “Hey Mickey”

Below you can see her in action!

With all that being said, I highly recommend the Cuddle Barn this Christmas as a must see company! Nothing brightens a young child’s face then a cute cuddly dancing toy! Considering even making a purchase of a few and donate them to Toys for Tots. Also deliver them to sick children within the hospitals for the holidays! You can browse their extensive collection here, and have them shipped directly to your loved ones!


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