Dove Dry Spray Deodorant


I have a hard time picking just the right deodorant for my sensitive skin. There are only a few I can use, but only ONE I truly love for my skin. Dove skin care products are my go to skin care products when it comes to my sensitive and dry skin. Besides the sensitive skin I also struggle with a deodorant that stays around all day fighting the odor sweat causes.

I was really excited to see this Dove Dry Spray in the mail for me to test out. I had no idea what brand of Dry Spray I was being sent to review, so seeing Dove certainly made me happy. Its an invisible spray on deodorant, that protects for up to 48 hours. I shook the 3.8oz can and held it approx 6 inches from my arm pits and sprayed it. It was a bit cold, but it smelt amazing. My can isn’t marked with a scent, but whatever it is i really like it. They do however come in a variety of scents just like the normal dove deodorants.


I tried it on before doing a workout at home, and it really stayed with me throughout the workout and even after. I did however reapply it after the workout just for extra comfort to my husband. This product provides up to 1/4 moisture to your underarms so even after shaving this dehydrates your skin without causing irritation.


I love this product and can NOT wait for it to hit retail locations around me so I can start wearing this daily.

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