End Your Night With A Fairytale… Fairytale Brownies and Bars w/ GIVEAWAY


My family always enjoys when I get a product that we can review together! Fairytale Brownies is one of their most favorite reviews I’ve done in the past with them. We fell in love with Fairytale Brownies a few months back when reviewed their brownies. My husband sure loves his brownies, and I’m afraid store bought, or Betty Crocker brownies just don’t cut it for him anymore. 

Alyssa over at Fairytale Brownies asked if I would mind reviewing her Blondie Bars this time. My response was obvious, OF COURSE I would review your Blondie Bars. Adam and I were just talking a few weeks ago how we’d never really had a Blondie before and wasn’t even sure what it tasted like. Someone sure loves the Blondie Bars as Alyssa had mentioned someone placed a rather large order for them and she’d have to send me a combination box of bars and brownies!


In each shipment of baked goods you get a card that tells you how to store your treats so you can best enjoy them fresh! Lets be honest, mine never make it long enough to freeze them, at least with the brownies we didn’t and I was optimistic that the Blondie Bars would be the same! The Blondie Bars came in several different flavors just as the Brownies did. We got 9 Fairytale Bars: 2 Chocolate Chip Blondie, 2 Pecan Blondie, 1 Raspberry White Chocolate, 2 Cheesecake Swirl, 1 Cinnamon Crumb, 1 Lemon Blondie.

Sadly I had tried doing an unboxing and taste review live on camera but sadly the batteries died and I lost the footage. In that footage was Adam and I tasting 3 of the Blondie flavors. We tasted the Lemon, and that had a really strong lemon flavor. It was terrible, but you really have to like the lemon flavor in your baked goods. We then tired the Cheesecake Swirl and it was really sweet, we didn’t get an as intense cheesecake flavor in this one as we did the Lemon. Lastly but most certainly not the least (as it was our FAVORITE one) was the Cinnamon Crumb! It tasted just like a cinnamon strudel cake with the cinnamon sugar crumbs on top!

11311688_10153009192347807_1282662046_n 11303716_10153009192377807_197514534_n My little lady loved the Raspberry White Chocolate. She ate it up after her bath last night, and asked for more. Mommy was mean and told her no more, that she had to wait for another time to have another one. As much as we enjoyed the Blondie Bars I think we are still in favor of the Fairytale Brownies!


Be sure to check out Fairytale Brownies for all your Father’s Day gift boxes. They have lots of different combinations and prices. If you’re looking to order for Father’s Day remember to get your order in before June 16th and all orders over $40.00 qualify for FREE SHIPPING. Enter code 22LL at check out.

Test your luck at winning a special Father their very own box of Fairytale Brownies/Blondie Bars! Enter to win below- Giveaway is open until 6/14/15. Winner will be announced and e-mailed on 6/14/15 on ThingsinReview on Facebook!

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  1. I like to eat brownies just the way they are! Maybe with a little ice cream sometimes.

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