Enviro-Log – greenest & most versatile firelogs

Enviro-Log so versatile!

Enviro-LogKnown as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market. Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute. These particular firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard. Also when compared to firewood, these burn cleaner.

Enviro-Log Firelogs emit: $21.99 /case of 4

  • 30 percent less greenhouse gases
  • 80 percent less carbon monoxide
  • 86 percent less creosote.

Enviro Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions. Further more can be transported for camping, fishing, tailgating and other outdoor activities. This product has minimal concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites. Enviro Firelogs are also great for emergency preparedness. Surprisingly they have an infinite shelf life and are safe to cook over. They are also a popular choice for fire pits, wood stoves, and campfires. – Enviro Log Website

This past weekend my family and I decided to have a bonfire. We had a lot of stuff that we needed to burn. I was able to start and keep a perfect fire with some of the Enviro products! In addition to the firelogs, we were sent some fire starters. Starting a fire is as equally as painful as keeping it going. So having these Enviro Log Firestarters was very helpful.

$12.99 /case of 24

Enviro-Log Firestarters are made from 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax and offer an alternative to kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels. Each fire starter provides:

  • Up to 20 minutes of burn time
  • Tall and consistent flames
  • Can light damp firewood
  • Leaves no mess to clean up

Available in 8 start and 24 start retail packages.
Made in the USA.

In addition to the already awesome benefits and features. The fire starters give off almost a fruity, fresh smell while burning.

These helpful products are widely available in the U.S. and Canada.
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