Fill Your Easter Baskets with Townley Girl Giveaway

What’s going in your Easter Baskets?

I have two children, one of which is 8 years old. You’d think by now I’d have some sort of routine as to what goes in our Easter Baskets. Let me be the first to say, that I haven’t a clue on what to put in them. Aside from the normal, traditional junk (candy) I don’t usually have a set list. I remember growing up and having other trinkets, or toys that were great for the just arriving spring months. Some years, Spring was something that arrived several months after Easter. Especially living in upstate New York, you can’t ever count on the weather for a decent Easter Egg Hunt.

This year I enlisted the help of Townley Girl to help me fill my daughter’s Easter basket. I figure get her out of the way, and I can focus on my sons. He’s the oldest, and is pretty set in what he likes. Matchbox cars, some sidewalk chalk and maybe a new outfit. Honestly, my daughter would be perfectly content with the basket full of Easter candy, momma however would not.

About Townley Girl!

Founded in 1952, townleygirl is the leader in children’s cosmetics and hair accessories. Partnering with top-notch brands like Disney, Universal and DreamWorks, we not only create great products, but also some of the safest ones on the market. With products like sheer lip gloss and peelable nail polish, kids will have a fantastic time dressing up as their favorite characters, and parents will have an easy clean up when they are all done.

Easter Baskets

townleygirl’s mission is to design and distribute safe, fun and high quality branded beauty products at affordable prices for children and preteen markets. We strive to be the category leader for both markets; offering relevant, compelling, and innovative beauty products that inspire imagination.

What’s Going In Our Easter Baskets:

I absolutely love the variety of characters that Townley Girl has available.

*Disney Jr

*Disney Princes

*Finding Dory

*Frozen and

*Moana just to name a few of the great offerings.

Please take a closer look at the below photos to see just how colorful and inviting these products are. They practically scream to be bought, and put into your little girl’s Easter Baskets!


Feel Free to Enter the following Giveaway for your chance to win one of (2) 4 pack Trolls Super Layer Lip Balm. Also be sure to follow @Townleygirl.


  1. kristen visser says:

    In my girls Easter baskets I usually put kinder eggs (they cant get enough of those) a TY stuffed animal, a coloring book, crayons and play doh

  2. In addition to some of their favorite candy, my girls also get a book and a special toy in their Easter baskets. Last year they were My Little Pony plush toys but it is different every year based on their interests.

  3. ashley meyer says:

    i put playdoh and small things and charcters theya re into and candy

  4. Meghan K says:

    We do toys,chalk, bubbles and a few pieces of candy.

  5. Jennafur Garcia says:

    Chocolate, coloring books & crayons. A new DVD , a new toy & Easter eggs some filled with jellybeans some with money ( for the older kids)

  6. We do spring and summer toys! They love coloring and bubbles so we do lots of those things

  7. Tamra Gibson says:

    I’m kind of funny and try to put things they need to such as vitamins. Little books about manners and kindness. Fruit roll ups bottled water and yes I do add some candy bur not a whole bunch

  8. amanda whitley says:

    i put little toys,candy and practical things like new toothbrushes.

  9. Our Easter basket starts out empty – just the fake grass. Everything else is hidden! Admittedly, most of what is hidden is candy – often just a few jelly beans in each plastic egg, along with the colored hard boiled eggs. We told her that they Easter bunny just loves hiding things so much he borrows the eggs we colored to hide them too!
    😉 It’s the finding that’s the fun part (and, yes, eating the candy. But when the candy is spread out and hidden there doesn’t have to be as much of it.)

    This was a tradition in my family growing up and my husband was SO confused when we did our first Easter hunt for our daughter, now 5.


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