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The Toy That Flips For You, FlipaZoo!!!


Still on the hunt for that perfect basket fillers for Easter? Look no further than one of the latest as seen on tv items. FlipaZoo has two great items available for purchase this Spring. Mini Collectibles and Flipzee Stuffed Animals. If you have small children like I do, they may have already spotted them in stores. At places like Wal-Mart, of the As Seen on TV stores.

Flip, flop pop: the play is non-stop with over 101 animal combinations. That means endless hours of fun, and several opportunities to collect them all. The mini collectible product has two buddies in each one. What’s great about these little guys, is that people of all ages will love to collect them.

FlipaZoo Available Sizes:

*Blind Bags MSRP $1.88

*3 pack collectibles and MSRP $5.44

*7 pack collectibles MSRP $9.88

I found these to be really cute, and something my daughter will love to collect. However I will say that these mini collectibles are very delicate. The tops of them are made with a silicone rubber. Which leads to easier breaking of the material each time it’s flipped. You can see below, with one flip of the Pink one, it was ripped!

As a parent, I believe the Flipzee Plush Animals are a better collectible option! They’re softer, and more cuddly for the little ones! Flipzee is the perfect addition to any Easter basket this year. They are also currently available at Wal-Mart and have an MSRP of $3.88. Also intended for children ages 3 and up.

Be sure to check out FlipaZoo out on social media, and in stores for all the flippin good news!




  1. Omg so cute!

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