Get Your Energy Boost With Energy Bombs Chewing Gum

Feeling Tired? Hit that 3pm slump? Get your energy boost with the Energy Bombs Chewing Gum!

Energy Boost

I generally stay as far away from caffeine as humanly possible. Mostly because my caffeine of choice is frozen coffee. As I’m sure most of you could imagine, frozen, or iced coffee has more sugar in it than actual caffeine. So I decided that it wasn’t worth to drink. Not to mention it was really high empty calories as well. However there are day’s were I certainly could use a little energy boost, after all I am human. I’m also a mother of two very active children, among plenty of other things. With a need for an additional boost I set out looking for something that could help me, but wouldn’t hinder my over all diet. Which is when I discover Energy Bombs Chewing Gum.

A Little About Them:

“Energy Bombs (“EB”) is a passionate and energetic company in the growing energy supplementation retail industry.

Stemming from a successful international family business with over 40-years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and building brands, Energy Bombs is dedicated to revolutionizing the energy supplementation market and the way that people consume energy products.

Energy Bombs management team have successfully developed and launched over 350 SKU’s with an established distribution channel in over 22 countries.
We are dedicated to provide the best tasting energy products to be consumed in the most convenient manner, with the highest quality, and best value-for-money.”

My husband I found Energy Bombs Chewing gum to be highly effective. I was able to move almost an entire house, that was packed up into boxes. My family and I are in the closing process of our new home. There were a ton of boxes in the middle of our dining room, and I was tired of seeing them. So Saturday afternoon I lifted, and moved them to a new location. It was such a breeze to do, and I still managed to have energy to cook dinner.

I’ve a had a few other people try the product and they were as pleasantly pleased with the product as I was. The flavors were really amazing! They masked the “energy drink” taste really well. It was as if chewing a normal piece of gum. The taste of regular energy booting products leave an awful taste in your mouth. I’m happy to say this does not! What’s convenient about Energy Bombs is the ability to take it with you everywhere you go. Easy to get that mid day boost, or to start your day off with a full swing of energy. Two pieces of Energy Bombs Chewing gum is the same as 1 energy drink.

Things To Watch Out For:

Please also be advised that this product is NOT recommended for children under the age of 16, for women who are pregnant, or nursing. This is also not advised for people sensitive to caffeine. Drinking isn’t something I do on a daily, or even weekly basis so this hit me hard. I think I had a hard time coming down off the energy high. My symptoms included becoming jittery, with a slight headache. Over all the product certainly did what it was marketed to do.

If you’re just “tired” of spending tons of money on energy drinks, or on crappy drive thru coffee consider purchasing Energy Bombs Chewing Gum.

Available in 3 flavors, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Spearmint. Purchase your flavor of choice here: Also follow them on social media!


If you’re interested in trying to try them for yourself, take a moment and enter the giveaway below!


  1. With coffee!

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