About Christina


Hi Everyone, my name is Christina but some may know me as mom! I do have two beautiful children and an amazing husband of almost 7 years. When I first started my journey of becoming a blogger I was a stay at home for 6 years. I wanted something that was a creative outlet, and that would challenge me. That’s where the chapter in my book of blogging began. I am currently in the process for getting bariatric surgery in the next couple months. My family and I are also in the process of buying our second home. We’ve seemed to have outgrown our starter home.

The best way to get to know me I think is for me to participate in the Get To Know Me Tag so here it goes!

1) Tell us 5 random facts about you

  • I love GOD
  • I’m one of the most giving people, and sometimes that comes back to burn me.
  • I’ve lived in New York for almost all of my 30 years, but I was born in Las Vegas.
  • Photography is my passion, and someday soon I hope to make it my profession.
  • I’d love to home school my children if I felt I had the time.

2) When is your birthday?

My birthday is August 28th- which was also my original due date for my daughter. She was actually born on the day my grandmother passed away 13 years prior. She was born in year 2013, what are the odds?

3) What is your favorite color?


4) What is your favorite memory?

I couldn’t begin to narrow down my most favorite memory. There’s a lot in my lifetime to be excited and happy about. However I think my most favorite memory happened recently. My family, specifically my children were introduced to GOD. They learned love their father GOD, and enjoyed in cooperating his word into our daily routine. I really loved watching my son deliver his bible verse during our Christmas service.

5) Describe a day in your life

It’s hectic to say the least. You never really understand the work load of a parent, wife, friend, co-worker and daughter. Each morning before I get out of bed I try to think of at least one thing I can look forward to during the day. That alone gets me motivated and ready for my day. I then head to work, where I put my best effort forward as I do in anything and everything I do. There are more days than I can count that I just want to check out, and elope with myself. Don’t let that fool you though, I love my kids and husband more than anything. I am happy to do the things I do for them, it makes me feel accomplished.

6) Name 5 of your favorite songs

Oh Boy! Music is my life <3, I could probably name 5 songs from each genre of music. For time sake though, I’ll just list 5.

1 Kenny Chesney & Pink- Setting the world on fire

2 Daughtry- Battleships

3 Rachel Platten- Fight Song

4 Darius Rucker- History in the Making (wedding song)

5 Florida Georgia Line- H.O.L.Y

7) If you could only eat 1 thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

As previously stated, I am going through the process to have weight loss surgery. So thinking about eating only one thing for the rest of my life would be hard. I’m already going to be limiting myself so much. Truthfully though, I think I could eat anything buffalo flavored. I loved buffalo chicken wings, wraps, subs, salads and pasta. You name it, i love it.

8) What is something you really dislike?

There’s a lot I dislike about today’s society. I really can’t stand people who put others down. Those who go out of their way to hurt someone, just to get off on it. I also really dislike when the people use the word retard. I’ve spent several years working with the mentally and physically disabled. I find it so offensive and disheartening.

9) Summer or Winter?

Summer- all the way! Except when it’s 90 degrees, then certainly winter! Haha, no but really Fall is actually my favorite. Living in New York though I get to enjoy all the seasons.

10) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

North Carolina, and I don’t even have a real “why” reason. I’ve just always thought there was something special about North Carolina.

11) Name 5 of your favorite films

This should be much easier than my 5 favorite songs.

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Grease
  3. Dirty Dancing
  4. Tangled
  5. 50 shades of Grey <3

12) If you won the lottery what would you buy?

Land- and figure out a way to move our new house onto a bunch of land.

13)  Favorite day of the week?


14) What 3 things would you take to a desert island with you?

My Camera, Bedding and Sunscreen 😉

15) Sweet or savory?

You can’t make me choose, can you?! Probably Savory!

16) Early bird or night owl?

This really all depends on what’s going on the following day. I really do like to stay up, but if I know I have to be up in the morning the next day I will go to bed early. I do however get up in the morning without any issues, unlike my husband. He’s a horrible morning person.


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