Gifts For Guys: What to Buy The Man in Your Life?

It’s no secret that men are hard to buy for. When it comes to a gift giving occasion such as a birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries- chances are you’ll be sat racking your brains for quite some time- even if you know the man in your life very well. Men tend to be a little simpler with their wants compared with women, unlike us they won’t go out and buy shoes they love in every colour, lots of little trinkets or an accessory for every occasion- it only takes looking at men and women’s shopping habits to see that we really are from different planets! However with that being said, there are some gifts that are pretty failsafe and will go down well for most guys. Here are some ideas.

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Give Him Something Stylish

If you know their style really well then you could go with some new clothes- otherwise accessories work well as gifts. If you look on sites like John Henric you can find everything from ties to scarves, cufflinks, bags and more which would all work well as gifts. An item like a wallet can be both practical and stylish and makes a great gift as it’s something they will use every day. Sunglasses, mens jewellery, travel accessories and more are all things you could consider.

Help Him Embrace His Inner Child

Anything that evokes a feeling of nostalgia can never be a bad thing when it comes to gift giving! Think things like remote controlled cars, boats or helicopters- or get a similar kind of experience with a more up to date version- a hobby drone. You could scour ebay for a retro games console that you knew they loved as a child, or go with something like a new Gameboy which would still bring back those childhood memories!

Go With a Tech Gift

If you have a bigger budget, a tech gift will always go down well. It could be a smartphone or tablet or laptop. It could be more of a tech accessory such as headphones or speakers, or something else entirely. It could be a home gadget, something for the office or something that’s purely for fun like a segway hoverboard! These things might not come cheap, but they’re things that people always want, get plenty of use out of and make a fantastic way to spoil the man in your life.

Something to Eat or Drink

Tasty food is always a good way to treat someone, and there are a few different directions you could go in for gift giving. You could treat them to an evening at a restaurant for more of an experience gift, there are things like boat restaurants too to make things more interesting. You could buy them their favourite chocolates, alcohol or put together a hamper based on a theme they love. For example, a selection of cheeses lovingly wrapped with some grapes, nice crackers and complementary wine all in a basket would make the ultimate cheese board. You could do this with coffee, chocolate or whatever else it is that they enjoy.


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