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With a house full of picky eaters, snack time can be a tricky time for myself as a parent. Trying to accommodate everyone’s particular likes is just too frustrating to handle most days. What is the one snack they can all agree upon? It’s popcorn, no matter what they can all agree that popcorn is one of the best snack options! Just the other night I made two bags of popcorn, and mixed it with some peanuts and m&ms. The 5 kids devoured it in the matter of 20 minutes! Along with everyday snacking, I like to have on-the-go options for them as well. That’s where the good ol’ halfpops come into the picture!


Halfpops are the perfect size for on-the-go snacking for my family, especially in the summer. Popcorn gets a fantastic review for it’s ability to have many flavor options, as well as the health benefits. It’s low in calorie and fat. You also don’t have to worry about a bunch of additives, or chemicals added to it. Before I get into my over all review I want to dive right into the “About Us” section of Halfpops!

“It all started with an idea, a slightly obsessed founder, some uncooked popcorn and lots and lots of testing. Mike Fitzgerald (Fitz) was on a mission to perfect the process on how to create a crunchier version of popcorn…you know, the best part. Conceptually, it sounds pretty easy to do…but easy, it wasn’t, or someone probably would’ve figured this out a long time ago. Fitz was crazy about the idea (and possibly a little crazy in general) so he built a small factory hoping to find the perfect popcorn crunch. A couple of years and tens of thousands of pounds of popcorn later, he finally nailed it! Family and friends around Seattle were gobbling it up. Since all great ideas deserve such treatment a US Patent was filed, a brand name was created (Halfpops…genius) and Halfpops were available in stores in April of 2011. The business was born.

Since 2011, it’s been a wild ride. Fitz quickly realized he wasn’t the only person who loved halfway-popped popcorn as Halfpops started to fly off shelves in the Pacific Northwest. After a couple of local write ups in the New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and a video that Backpacker Magazine created, Halfpops expanded distribution down the west coast and across the country (east coasters liked it too). Since then, we’ve added 9 new employees, got an Olympic Gold Medalist by the name of Shaun White involved, built a new factory, launched 7 total flavors, and are now sold in over 2,000 stores across the country.

We still have a long way to go, but if you like our story or just share our affinity for half-popped popcorn, buy some and tell your friends, so we can keep this thing going (because we do have the patent)!”- Halfpops

Halfpops Poppin’ Flavors

Butter & Sea Salt

Caramel & Sea Salt

Dill Pickle

Black Truffle & Sea Salt

Aged White Cheddar

Simply Sea Salt

Kettle Corn

Overall Review: I feel Halfpops made a hugely positive impression on the household. With 7 bold flavors to choose from, my children now don’t debate on what to have for snack, just what flavor. My personal favorite was the Dill Pickle & Aged White Cheddar. They were all very well flavored, and the amount of crunch they packed was over the top. Coming in at a whopping 140 calories a bag, certainly fits into my macros. However, eating an entire bag for me as a bariatric patient hurts my stomach. With that being said, I’ll eat half the bag, and save the rest for a later time. I’ve found them in my local Wegmans, but you can use the following to search for a location near you!

Last, but certainly not least, is the badges Halfpops has earned themselves! They’re Non-Gmo, Gluten Free, Never Fried and have no artificial flavors! Check in on this rather small, but growing company on social media! You won’t regret it! @Halfpops



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