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I am a mother of two, and when I found out I was pregnant with my second child I wanted a way to save money in the long term. I also wanted what was best for my baby, not to say I didn’t want what was best with my first but I was a young mom when I had my first. I was very uneducated on all of my options.The second time around i feel as though I had more time to plan and read reviews and consider my options.

I decided to cloth diaper with my daughter for several reason. It would be cheaper for me in the long run. Specially if she was as hard at potty training as my son was lol. I had read how it cut down on diaper rash, and infections as well. My son has sensitive skin, and had I known as much as I do now about cloth diapers I would have cloth diapered him as well. Its also more economical to use reusable diapers vs throw away anyways.

I had help from my sister when it came to getting all the details on the ins and outs of cloth diapering. She was great help with comparing the pros and cons between each diaper brand as well. I had no idea what it meant to be an all in one, how sizing worked, what it meant to be a pocket diaper or a prefold. Her recommendation was to try a bunch of different brands and see what ones worked best for me and my daughter. They say all babies are different, well so are all diapers.

Today I will be reviewing the Happy Flute cloth diaper.


As you may know cloth diapers are expensive in cost upfront, but in the long run will save your hundreds of dollars. I set out to find an affordable but great quality diaper. I went and searched Ebay for cloth diapers to see if anyone was reselling gently used diapers, or had any unused ones for sale. I stumbled upon a user who was selling the Happy Flute brand. A typical name brand cloth diaper can run you anywhere from 15.00-30.00 a piece. That is a lot of money considering the amount of diapers you’ll need to diaper a baby. I was able to buy 10 Happy Flute diapers for around 80.00 and free shipping. I wasn’t expecting too much out of them as they aren’t name brand but I figured why not try them, and worst case they’d be my backups.

This is what they look like…. well some of them (the others are washing :))


These are called an One Size or OS. Which means that your baby can wear them from the time they are about 12lbs till they are potty trained. There is an elastic cuff for the thigh which keeps leaks in and from dripping out the side of the diaper when they sleep, walk or roll around. This is a pocket diaper which means it has inserts you can remove once wet and wash with the diaper. The great thing about pocket diapers is you can adjust the absorbency level based on how many inserts you put into the diaper. The insert itself is pretty thick, and wide enough to cover the entire surface of the inside of the diaper. My daughter only has to wear one insert during the day. When she naps and after waking you can feel the diaper is damp, but its not soaking wet, nor does it soak through to the point of me having to change her bedding. She still wakes at night (I know crazy huh, 16 months and still waking up at night) but I change her each time so I’ve never had the problem of having to change out a wet bed.


My daughter has never had diaper rash, she’s never gotten any type of infection or irritation. The cloth diaper itself is made up of several different materials. Cotton, satin, microfiber plush fabric. The designs are so cute and fit her personality perfectly lol. They have animal prints and she looks adorable in them.

Cleaning of this diaper is easy! I’ve never had any issues with staining or a left over smell in them. My washing routine is pretty basic. Rinse on hot, put ORIGINAL Tide powder in, wash and then do a double rinse. I tumble dry mine on low. I haven’t had any fraying, or ripping in any of the fabrics and I’ve been using them for a year. These diapers are also snap diapers vs Velcro. All buttons are in tact as well.

You can find Happy Flute Diapers on Ebay, Amazon or Cotton Babies.

I hope this review was helpful, and gives some insight on cloth diapering and that just because its not name brand doesn’t mean it’s not of the up most best quality.


  1. thanks for the review! I’m just getting ready to buy some of these Happy Flute diapers, but I wanted to be sure they would last!

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