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Let me first start this review/post by saying that this review has had the quickest turn around rate. Usually a review for me is promised to be up within 7 to 10 days of receiving the product. I generally like to give my family and I some time to use the product(s) and see how we like them. However when we received our package from P28 yesterday it was game on. I’m so eager to share all this goodness with you!

As mentioned I dove right into my p28 food products so I could start in cooperating some high protein foods into my diet.  P28 is dedicated to providing high protein food products to make your meals healthier and more delicious. No longer do you have to consume products that are filled with unhealthy preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. With P28, we formulated our products with only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients available. We want to be a part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Real food. Real results.

High Protein Food Selections:

Bread (4 pack 27.96) (10 pack 53.90)

Bagels (4 pack 27.96) (10 Pack 64.90)

Wraps (6 or 12 Pack 38.94)

Pancake Mix (2 pack $25.98) (6 pack 71.94) Prices if purchased of their website

Nut Spreads ( 4 Pack varies by nut/flavor)

Again, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I am a bariatric patient, which means needing a strong protein game. I have to make sure I’m getting in enough protein daily. P28 Foods has provided a balanced food list that’s high in protein, with a balance of healthy carbs. I made my family three meals yesterday using the products provide to me from the company. I made the family some of the Strawberry n Cream Pancakes. Expecting them to be dry, and gritty after cooking them, I was shocked as how fluffy and moist they were. Surprisingly my husband who’s the pickiest eater was impressed with the over all product.

Still needing that protein I decided to make the children some flat bread pizza’s out of the wraps! P28wraps are rather large, and I would never be able to eat it all in one sitting. So I made two wrap pizzas and it fed 3 children, and 3 Adults!  I actually have been craving pizza for a few weeks now. However I haven’t had pizza in at least two full months, because of surgery. This pizza totally satisfied that craving for me, and even helped me meet my goals!

Lastly for dinner I made avocado toast with eggs on top. The bread slices are plenty big enough to only need one! The protein content of each serving is that of 28g. Hence the name P28! I am thoroughly pleased with this product and will be searching them out at my local Wegmans! If I can’t find them there then I’ll be sure to order offline. I can’t go back to eating regular bread, or pancakes.  If you’re in the United States, check the location link to find your closest retailer.

In closing, my advice to you is to RUN, not walk, RUN to the nearest store and pick yourself up some P28 products. I promise you won’t be disappointed, don’t believe me? Just take a look at my children’s faces!


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