Hippity Hoppity Palmer Chocolate’s On It’s Way With A Giveaway!

Making Candy Fun- Palmer Chocolate’s


Just the other day I was walking through the grocery store talking about how Easter was my favorite. My husband chimed in with, “I though Halloween was your favorite Holiday”. In which I replied it is, but Easter is my favorite candy holiday! He looked at me puzzled and confused as thinking to himself if there was really a difference. I’ve always been fascinated with the unique way candy companies create new products each year. There’s so much that goes into a company, and achieving growth in their business. Palmer Chocolate’s continue to create unique novelty chocolates for the holidays! http://www.rmpalmer.com/easter/

Easter to me is a holiday for the Chocolate’s- time for them to shine. There’s so many options when it comes to picking candy for my children’s Easter Baskets. You can be sure that I’ve always purchased Palmer’s. Over the years I’ve come to love them more than some of the other higher end companies. Palmer’s makes affordable, unique and high quality products.

“Through the years, Palmer has captured the nostalgia of the holidays with hand-decorated chocolate novelties.Displayed in their signature full-color, window box packaging. These beloved novelties have transformed Easter baskets, Christmas stockings and Valentine’s cards into fun memories. This is done by using Palmer’s whimsical “personalities” capturing the imaginations of children (and grown-ups) everywhere.”

What Chocolate’s Are In Our Basket?

Snap & Share Double Crisp Rabbit– The 2.5oz chocolaty smooth and crunchy rabbit snaps apart into 7 separate pieces. Great for sharing and portion control and guarantees a hopping good time.

Big Bunny Bites- Each box contains four 1oz foil wrapped chocolate flavored, filled Eggs. Available in three delicious flavors: Peanut Butter, Smooth & Creamy and Caramel.
Hoppy’s Hideout-Hoppy’s Hideout, featuring a 10 ounce hollow milk chocolate bunny reaching for 2 ounces of foiled Double Crisp® carrots. Hoppy is sure to turn your Easter celebration upside down!
My family and I were absolutely in love with the new Hoppy Bunny. I recently posted on my Facebook Page that my dog actually ate the entire bunny. Hoppy hadn’t even been opened yet, other than to photograph. My German Shepard some how sniffed him out, opened it and ate the whole thing. The only thing I can say is that presentation wise I loved the look of him. I did however really love their peanut butter Bunny Bites! If you’ve ever had Palmer’s you already know how smooth their product is. This Easter holiday consider filling your baskets with Palmer’s Chocolate.
You can use this store locator to find the nearest location to select your merchandise.  I’ve partnered with Palmer’s to bring to you guys an opportunity to include some of the new 2017 products in your baskets.


  1. Angie Waggoner says:

    We have silly string fights and bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles and hidden eggs.

  2. Diana Thompson says:

    We do a neighborhood egg hunt. I generally go to church and sing in the choir, but on Easter, I stay at home, to let people go use the chairs who only go on Easter and Christmas.

  3. We do Easter baskets and Easter dinner. The older kids go and hide the eggs outside for the younger kids. And this year will be our second year doing the Easter Egg Hunt at the zoo, which I hope becomes a tradition.

  4. We have Easter Egg hunts, dye eggs, have a nice lunch with family.

  5. We always do a hunt at home just for our kids. Then we go to my grandmas for a big family hunt.

  6. crystal mccord says:

    Dying eggs with the kiddos.

  7. We have a very traditional Easter, with decorated eggs the night before, a bunny sneaking into our home overnight, and then hunting for the eggs in the morning.

  8. We go to church and then come home for an Easter dinner of ham and all of the things that go with it. While everything is cooking we have an Easter egg hunt with the kids in the yard where they find some plastic eggs and some special chocolate eggs. Palmers are perfect for this.

  9. Annamarie V says:

    We usually try to do a picnic for Easter when the weather cooperates.

  10. All the family goes to my parents house for Easter dinner, and we have an outside Easter egg hunt for all the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. We have so much fun!

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