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Continuing on with my Valentines Day Gift Guide items is this wonderfully made personalized child book I received from I See Me! for Raeya!  It is called Who Love’s You, Raeya?  by Nina Laden. I was looking for a gift I could give to my 17 mos old daughter that wasn’t full of sugar, and wasn’t going to collect dust like most Valentine’s Day stuffed animals do. Lets be honest- a stuffed animal is the LAST gift a parent wants to see a child receive because about 2 years into their life they are wondering what the heck to do with all of these stuffed animals. I have a 6 year old son… imagine how many stuffed animals I have for him. To start the process, they will ask you for your child’s full name, and birth date so they can personalize the inside cover with this information. They will also ask for a photo of your child, any photo you’d like to see printed in the personalized book! This is how Raeya’s turned out!

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It’s a very simple book to read, so my 6 year old loves reading it to his sister! I originally was going to make the book for him as he is just learning to read, but I felt the book served Raeya’s learning growth more. Ben also has a part in it, as he reads this to his sister.


Raeya is beyond pleased and excited about this book! I can’t keep it out of her hands, she’s always wanting it read to her! She carries it around and hands it off for someone to read it to her! The pages are so colorful, and beautifully made!

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Each page Reads “Raeya is my” and the letters to her name are in-cooperated into the illustration somehow. She gives each of the animals kisses, except the bee. (They are ouch!!). She loves seeing her face, and hearing her name throughout the book. My husband joked about how it’s a little narcissistic but its definitely NOT! It teachers her to recognize her name, animals and reminds her that we love her!!!

I look forward to browsing their other selections of personalized books for both my children. Check out their Valentine’s Day selection of books that can be personalized. What better gift for a child, then the gift of learning. (Whoa, I just sounded like my mother)

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