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I’ve been in my house/apartment for about 18 months now! I’ve put up a few pictures here and there, but I haven’t done any real home decor for several reasons. I get nervous that whatever I put on the wall will eventually stick to the wall and won’t come off. When it comes time to move we’ll be in trouble and have a mess to clean up off the wall. I also didn’t really know what I wanted for each room. Just recently I decided that I wanted something that was big enough to put on my wall in the kitchen that allowed me to write down items that I ran out of, as well as have enough room to write our weekly menu plan. I am a huge menu planner, but the thing is sometimes if Adam doesn’t see what we’re having for the week then he tends to hem and haw about what we’re having. It’s just better for everyone if we can all see it. Well Innovative Stencil helped me out with that!


Above is the Chalkboard Peel and Stick Board. I received the 36×24 cut chalkboard decal, and it’s more than big enough to accommodate everything I wanted it for. It was easy to move off the wall to different locations, and super easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. This 36×24 board retails for $19.98. I am considering buying a few of them for the kids rooms now that I know they won’t ruin their walls. You could even cut this board into several smaller boards if you wanted.

Innovative Stencils has so many options when it comes to customizing the feel to any room. When we finally buy a house this is the place I’d look into for my wall decals. I like their selections of decals and themes. Check out some of their other wall art options.

Flower_floral_wall_decal_for_girls_room_with_grass_nursery_1123__95655.1405379476.225.225 life_is_not_measured_by_the_breaths_we_take_1235_black_wall_decal__02892.1405380185.225.225 Birch_tree_nursery_deer_set_birds_crib__26539.1422645963.225.225

There really are so many options and decor ideas you could do with any number of these designs and stickers. Check them out and see which ones may work best for you home decor needs.

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