Jack Hanna’s Awesome Animal Almanac

Awesome Animal Almanac by Jack Hanna has hit bookstores nationwide and online retailers!

Awesome Animal Almanac

Jack Hanna’s Awesome Animal Almanac features alphabetical info about the most incredible and fascinating animals on the planet. Also includes colorful photos to captivate any child and intriguing facts about all of your favorite animals! My son who will soon be entering the 3rd grade can’t get enough of books like this. He’s always been all about reading up on animals, and retaining fun facts about them. So when I showed him this book, he was eager to get reading, and learning. The pictures were captivating, and brought so much more to the experience of reading the book.

Jack Hanna’a Awesome Animal Almanac includes loads of features to get kids engaged and excited about animals.

Such As:

Alphabetical info about animals with amazing attributes ranging from A to Z

Incredible, colorful photos to allow a close up look at every creature

As well as fascinating facts about more than 200 animals.

This amazing 192 page educational book is sure to captivate the minds of young readers like my son, as well as yourself. Jack Hanna’s Awesome Animal Almanac retails for $17.99 and can be found in book stores, as well as retailers online like Amazon. Consider purchasing this book for a young reader within your home. It would make a nice gift for the near approaching holiday season!

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