Mac N’ Cheese To The Rescue by Kristen Kuchar

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone, specially those of you who celebrate it. I just use it to have tacos for dinner that way no one says ” aw man, again”. YES again, why not, tacos are probably one of the best foods on the planet. It should be its own food group, just like someone would say Mac N Cheese should be. I know my husband would agree with me on that one. He would eat macaroni and cheese everyday if he could, and he does about 3 times a week.

Unlike author Kristen Kuchar of today’s book review Man N’ Cheese To The Rescue I don’t usually go for boxed Man N’ Cheese as a form of comfort food. However for the sake of the review lets say I did. Now don’t get me wrong I once in a blue moon enjoy mac n’ cheese but sometimes it just lacks a special flare for me. Which is why I was excited to review Kristen’s book!


This book is made up of 101 recipes that uses Mac N’ Cheese as one of it’s staple ingredients. There are three types of mac n’ cheese Kristen references. The first one is the deluxe mac n cheese which is the kind with the cheese sauce, Regular mac n’ cheese is the kind with the powdered cheese that needs to be made up with milk and butter. Lastly you have the microwaveable kind which is the individual sized containers also with the powdered cheese sauce.


There is a wide variety of recipes in this book that covers almost every course to a meal. They don’t have a dessert course thank goodness, but they sure do have a breakfast section. I will be completely honest my stomach couldn’t stand to read those recipes without turning so I had to pass by those. Something about mixing eggs and mac n’ cheese does NOT appeal to me.

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I will say that most of the other recipes sound delicious, however you have to someone who is okay with mixing your foods together. I have a family member who can not stand their foods touching once another so I can’t imagine this would go over too well with them! I do plan on trying these out, but we’ve just boxed up most of our food as we should be moving any day now. Once I try one I’ll be sure to update you all on that!

You can purchase this book on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble just like any of the previous book reviews I have done by Ulysses Press.

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