Magic Scene Creator, Experience Magic This Christmas

Magic Scene Creator

Magic Scene Creator

This holiday season share and experience some magic! Your children may even think its the best kind. My super busy, energetic always on the go children will love what Crayola has in-store for them this Christmas! Introducing the Magic Scene Creator, is just the beginning of endless amounts of fun! Crayola has always been a top brand in our household, specifically around back to school. However many of our crafting projects include Crayola products as well.

Adding the Magic Scene Creator to our home and children’s Christmas list makes us happy! With this fun, and unique toy, children as young as 3 can use their imagination to create works of art! Sometimes all my little ones need is a bit of inspiration, and direction to get their minds flowing! With the Scene Creator it leaves enough creativity up to your child, with a bit of guidance. Lets dive deeper into what really makes this toy a HOT 2017 must have toy!

Crayola Magic Scene Creator:

Retails for $19.99, and sold online, Wal-Mart, Target, etc!

Motion Cards Spark Imaginations

This unique coloring toy includes 70 Motion Cards that appear animated when placed on the Magic Scene Creator Unit’s screen. The cards feature five fun themes: Animals, Fantasy, Mix & Match, Special FX, and Mystery. You can customize the cards with the included markers and make them one-of-a-kind.

Multiple Scene Speeds

Change the speed of your animations with the Magic Scene Creator’s speed buttons. Just a touch makes the Motion Card images appear to move faster or slower.

Create and Customize with Gel FX Markers

With the six included Gel FX Markers, you can enhance the Motion Cards or create your own on-screen artwork and bring it to life. The markers are washable and the drawings can be wiped away with a damp cloth so you can create again and again.

Built-In Storage and Display Stand

The Magic Scene Creator has a storage slot to keep your Motion Cards organized between uses. The built-in kickstand makes it easy to create, customize, and then display your animations.

Package Contents

Magic Scene Creator unit, 70 Action Cards, and 6 Gel FX Markers.


Below you’ll find me experimenting and playing around with the toy. Giving a bit of a demonstration using the slow down, and speed up motion options!


While this product is safe for children years 3 and up. I feel that this would be better suitable for my older children ages 8, and 9. I feel it would hold their attention much longer than my younger ones! My son loves drawing, but adding motion, and movement to his drawings brings a whole new experience. If you’re looking for a toy that’s more suitable for the younger ones check out the Crayola Color and Erase Mat!


There are several things to love about this product! This particular toys has the same price point as the Magic Scene Creator at $19.99. The color mat is large enough for several drawings to be colored. They can share it, or keep it to themselves. I really wanted this toy because of its portability, and storage ability. My children, husband and I will be traveling south for the Thanksgiving holiday. Making this the car ride essential to take with us. It folds up nicely, and something that can be used countless times!

More About the Color Erase Mat:

Generous Drawing Surface

This portable mat can be placed on any flat surface to provide kids with a dedicated place to experiment with the joy of being creative with color. The mat measures 2 by 3 feet for plenty of room to let imaginations run wild.

Rolls Up for Portability and Storage

This mat can go with you thanks to its convenient roll-up design. Take it with you on outings and vacations so kids can create whenever and wherever the mood strikes. The mat can also be rolled up for space-saving storage.

Colorful Fun, Easy Clean Up

The mat comes with four vibrant ColorPop! Markers in yellow, green, blue and pink that are specially designed for use with the Color and Erase Mat. These markers let kids experiment with bright, bold color and creativity. When it’s time to clean up, the washable markers wipe completely away with the included eraser tool and wipe cloth.

About Crayola: Art and Imagination

Crayola art supplies and activities help children express, create, and connect through colorful play.

Package Contents

Color and Erase Mat, 4 ColorPop! Markers, eraser tool, and wipe cloth.

So if your kids are looking to experience some extra magic this year, consider Crayola’s toys!




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