Mini 360 Plus Security Camera by EZVIZ

Mini 360 Plus – Full-Room Coverage. Easy Setup. 

Mini 360 Plus

Earlier this year my husband and I bought our first house. Well second, but this is our forever home. Anyways because of the location of our home we wanted to have security cameras put both inside and outside. At any given time there are up to 5 children in our home! I want that extra security the family dog can’t always give. We have tried several different in home security systems but some how they always come up short. Today I’m going to introduce you to the brand EZVIZ. This will be a 3 part review as I will be sharing with you three different style camera’s they offer.

Mini 360 Plus Features:

360° HD Video

1080p Resolution

Two-Way Talk

Smart Home Ready

I wanted to start with the style camera we enjoyed the most! As a blogger it’s my job to get you excited about brands and their products! So that’s what I intend to do with this particular product. The Mini 360 Plus wasn’t initially our favorite but soon won out as the best over all camera. The 360 feature allows my family to scroll and pan across the entirety of the room. Which gives us ease of mind when we’re able to see all corners or the room. A lot of camera’s are limited in their viewing range. Our 360 Plus is currently sitting on our entertainment stand in the living room. In that position we’re able to see the living room, dining room, and entry way of our home.

Along with the pan/tilt features the Mini 360 Plus has two way communication. I ran up the street for a minute to drop something off to a neighbor! I was able to turn the camera on, and check in with my oldest. The communication function is also great for telling the dog to stay off the couch, or out of the garbage. More than just being able to see what’s going on, but also hearing it too. Other features that make this camera great is the ability to zoom in, and to set motion alerts. You can adjust the sensitivity of these alerts in case this is put into a room where there’s generally a lot of motion.

Clearer, Sharper Video

All glass lenses. High-quality sensors. Amazing image quality. The Mini 360 Plus
delivers clear high-definition 1080p video, rich colors, and sharp details.

The video quality of this security camera is unlike any others I’ve ever used. The picture is so clear, both in color and at night The Mini 360 Plus delivers and incredible night vision range of up to 33 feet when it’s dark. It also has a time and date stamp option on the video itself. Which is nice when you put in the external SD card (not included), you can choose to record video. All of the above mentioned features are easy to access once you download the EZVIZ app in your app store. It’s easy to connect, and set up. Once you’re connected to the wireless network you’re all set. You can set up more than  one camera at a time, and see a panel of all of them at once.

Recommendations for placement:

*Nursery or children’s room

*Living Room



Remember this is the first of three EZVIZ cameras I’ll be showing you! In my opinion this is a highly affordable camera retailing at just $79.99. The amazing quality, and reassurance you get from this product makes it a no brainier. Consider the Mini 360 Plus for your next home security purchase!




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