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As April brings several unpleasant showers, I can only hope that May is in full bloom of flowers. Especially since Mother’s Day is quickly approaching us too! If you’ve followed me from the start you know I have two children. We don’t typically make a big deal out of Mother’s Day here as I’m showered with love daily. I do however want the best protection, and safety for them. Which is why this Mother’s Day I’m excited to share with all of you just how I do that. I’ve been working with a company called EZVIZ for awhile now. They provide families like mine with affordable, peace of mind and home security. 

This Mother’s Day give the gift of home security and safety for children. This Mini O WiFi Cloud Camera has been an amazing addition to our household. My son has come to the age of wanting to stay home by himself. I had done my research about my state laws, and age requirements. After finding out that in NYS it’s done based on parents discretion I decided to try it out. I would leave him home while I went to the gas station right around the corner. I was still really nervous to do so, even though we have an in home security system. It’s always alarmed when we leave, but I hated not being able to check in on him. I do still feel he’s too young for a cell phone, and we do not have home phone. I knew there had to be away to both allow him to stay at home, and keep my mind at ease! Which is exactly what the Mini O camera provides me!



Mini O Product Information:


720p HD Video

111° Wide-Angle Lens

Night Vision

Real-Time, Two Way Audio

Color Options:

Pink & White

EZVIZ makes it easier to keep an eye on what’s going on at home! This particular camera is provided with a magnetic base so it can be applied to any surface. Leaving the possibilities of placement to be endless.  We currently have one of these hanging within my daughters room, and in the downstairs common area.  I am

able to check in on both my children easily via the EZVIZ app on my phone. Within the app I am also able to take photos, or live videos from each camera!


My app also alerts me if there’s any motion detected within the rooms. This is a nice feature for parents of children who tend to escape their beds, or cribs in the middle of the night. All of that being said, my favorite feature of them all is the two way talking. I can pull up my app and click the speaker button and talk to my children through the camera. When I release the button, they can talk back to me. Its also great to just hop on and listen to what’s going on in the room without talking. That way I can see if the children are playing nicely. I can also monitor what the children are watching on TV. While some of the other EZVIZ camera’s swivel and rotate, the Mini O simply has a wide range of view all on it’s own.


Easy Setup!

Please keep in mind that you do need WiFi for this camera setup to work.


This Mother’s Day EZVIZ and I are giving two people the chance to win their very own Mini O Cloud WiFi Camera! In the color Pink of course, to celebrate Mother’s Day!

It’s simple just follow the form provided here, and enter for your chance to win! Giveaway ends 4/30/18 and winners will be emailed for their shipping information! Good Luck & Please Share!



  1. Amber Mabry says:

    I would keep this camera in my room, to keep an eye on my baby chicks when I’m not around.

  2. Need this to check in on my dog during day!

  3. Kelly mcgrew says:

    I’d put this in my kitchen so it covers the back door.

  4. monique s says:

    I would put this in the living room

  5. I would keep it in my room or the the living room.

  6. Eileen Boyce says:

    In my living room.

  7. Donna porter says:

    I would put in my living room so I can check on my fur baby, Sheba during the day.

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