Mix, Match & Attach with Chapstick Duo’s

Chapstick Duo’s make it possible to have up to 28 different flavor combinations!!


ThingsinReview- Chapstick Duo's

I’ve shared with you in the past several products from the brand Chapstick! However this is unlike anything else I’ve shared with you from them. It’s not your ordinary tube of lip balm. This gives you, the user the ability to create something unique and user specific. Chapstick Duo’s are bright and colorful. They come in 8 flavors, and of those 8 two of them add an extra shimmer to your lips.

The Chaptstick Duo’s

Strawberry Kiwi

Refreshing Strawberry

Fresh Coconut

Cool Mint

Sweet Peach

Berry Shimmer

and Vanilla Shimmer

The back left one is the Berry Shimmer, and you’re able to see the little pieces of sparkle. I really enjoy this product as it provides a full 8 hour lock of moisture onto my lips. It’s a great texture, not sticky or tacky. The fact that I can snap two of my favorite scents together is an added bonus. My daughter loves snapping them apart, and making new flavor combos. I passed them out at work to some of the girls. They compared them to being like the EOS’s. However I feel these are different in the fact that you can choose your flavors, and have two of them.

These would be a perfect addition to any Easter Basket! Consider putting these in their eggs, or ridding these around the house. The Duo packs retail for $4.99 while the singles retail for $2.99. I love watching brands that I use all the time come out with new products. Especially ones that fit perfectly into my purse 🙂 So if you’re at Wal-Mart and happen to see these on the end cap like I do. Don’t be afraid to pick some up, you won’t be disappointed!

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