Modern Day Technologies Enhance the Family Dynamic

Some may say that technology is creating a family divide; this may be true, but only if you let it. If you use it your advantage in ways that mean the whole family are being stimulated, even when they are not using technology communally, it will ultimately lead to a happy household, and a happy household is one that can’t easily be divided.

A family gathered around a tablet

The main problems induced when people relate modern day technologies to the traditional family dynamic is that it means that every member of the family has their own individual world in their hands when they pick up their laptops, tablets or smartphones. The fact that each member of the family has the ability to leave the room they are sitting in and enter the world of online social media can mean that they forget their real-life surroundings and the people that are surrounding them physically. Yes, this can prove to be true, but it doesn’t have to prove to necessarily be a negative. Every body needs a break from reality at some point, and whether this be though the accessing or social media sites or even by playing game consoles. Playing video games as a form of escapism for children or teenagers is healthy way to do so when compared to activities that may be illegal, and plus it now means that they can socialise with their friends without having to face the dangers of the outside world, which is surely a positive for all parents?

But of course, even with all of this technological power in each individual’s hand, all parents should still try to implement a communal event which each family member makes time to spend their time with their loved ones. And modern day technologies have proven to be a enhancement when it comes to this too. If, say, any member of the family is no longer interested in a traditional game night, why not twerk it a little and turn it into a video game night? There are a plethora of choices in regards to video games that are fun for the whole family that you may find are easier to entice the your children into spending some time with the family. And if this doesn’t work, then there are of course a whole host of streaming services and platforms that you can access. For instance, in accessing ShowBox, which you should download now, you have instant access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows that can provide each member of the family with something to enjoy. Streaming makes it easy to find any title, anytime, anywhere, thus meaning that you have the ability to pick and choose when you want to organise a family night, rather than being regimented and forced to pick one because a certain TV show is on at that time.

Family watching a movie

As well as this, the technological advances of today mean that parents can retain a close and active relationship with their children even when they aren’t at home through the use of instant messaging services and even social media platforms. This, and the points above, mean that modern day technologies should most certainly used by all families who are afforded the chance to use them.


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