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Taking It Old School- With Etch A Sketch!

New, Also Improved


The other day while with my 8 year old at his Dr’s appointment he decided to play an old school Etch a Sketch! Truthfully, I didn’t even know they still made those toys. I had several of them when I was a child. In different sizes, and with different function abilities. If you’re a 90’s kid you may remember them as well. With that being said, I also remember them being a pain to full erase, or write on neatly. However that wasn’t the case with the one Ben was playing with at the Doctors. I don’t believe it was an Etch A Sketch brand though.

I went home and immediately looked into a New, Also Improved version of the Etch A Sketch! To my surprise there had been some updates, and expansions to the line!

Introducing the New, Also Improved Etch A Sketch Line!

Etch A Sketch Freestyle:

$19.99 @ Target

The next generation has a new classic to play with! Introducing Etch A Sketch Freestyle: a toy from the past transformed for the future. Designed exclusively for young artists, the Freestyle comes with a handy stylus that’s easy to grip and move. Kids can express their creativity without any messy clean up. Simply draw, shake to erase, and draw again – just like you did! Only now, your child has a whole new world of etching possibilities to discover. Alternate between thick and thin lines or use the double-sided stampers to add hearts, circles, stars and clouds to doodles. Since inspiration can strike anywhere, the classic red frame of the original has been flattened into a sleek and lightweight drawing pad. Throw it in a backpack and take it on a trip! Get creative, wherever you are, with the Etch A Sketch Freestyle!


• Etch A Sketch Freestyle is a modern twist on the classic toy. Kids use the stylus to doodle thick or thin rainbow-colored lines and curves.
• The classic knobs on the original Etch A Sketch have been transformed into double-sided stampers! Use them to add shapes and patterns to your drawing.
• Shake up and down and the Etch A Sketch Freestyle magically erases. Doodle again and again and again!
• Etch A Sketch Freestyle is made for kids aged 3+. 2 x AG13 batteries included. Download the free app to etch your own portrait!
• Includes: 1 Etch A Sketch Freestyle, 2 Stampers, 1 Stylus, Instruction Sheet, 2 x Button Cell Batteries (installed)

What’s highly improved with these toys is the erase factor! I hated that your drawing never completely erased, no matter how hard you shook it! This generation of Etch A Sketch seems to be certainly just that! New, Also Improved! In addition to that, I love the magnet shape options available for use! It’s just so nostalgic to see your kids playing with something that you as a child use to love!

Wait, There’s Another Etch A Sketch?!

Yes! Also Introducing the Etch A Sketch Joystick Drawing Pad!

$5.86 (Wal-Mart, Price May Vary)

Spark creativity and bring out your little ones inner artist with the Etch A Sketch Joystick. This paperless drawing pad is a modern take on the iconic toy. Updated for younger artists, the two dials at the bottom of the frame are now one easy-to-use joystick that swivels 360 degrees! Toddlers will develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination drawing loops, lines and circles. When its time to begin again, simply shake to erase! With no clean up needed, this drawing pad gives kids the freedom to delve into their creativity and express themselves, even at a young age. Since little hands can only hold so much, the iconic red frame of the original has been transformed into a vertical design, so kids can hold and doodle. Introduce your toddler to the joy of drawing with the Etch A Sketch Joystick!

  • The Etch A Sketch Joystick blends modern technology with the classic Etch A Sketch toy to create a drawing toy for toddlers!
  • Kids can draw lines, loops and circles with the easy-to-grip joystick that swivels 360 degrees.
  • Just like the original, all it takes is a shake to erase the screen. With endless drawing possibilities, your toddler can express their imagination!
  • Etch A Sketch Joystick is made for kids aged 3+. No batteries included. Download the free app to etch your own portrait!

These are great gifts for children, especially ones who travel a lot. How about taking them into restaurants with you while you wait, or appointments! These New, Also Improved Etch A Sketch toys are so diverse. Also allowing for endless amount of fun and creativity. Consider these as gift ideas this Christmas, great for any child in the family.


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