Newly Released Softsoap, Limited Edition

Newly Released Holiday Scents from Softsoap!

Newly Released

As an influencer there are several companies I continue to work with. Not by contract, but because I genuinely love, and believe in their products! Softsoap is one of those companies and products that I continue to back, and promote. Each time I get more excited and eager to share with you their newly released scents! They truly capture the holiday feel inside their beautifully created bottles. Their packaging is remarkable and truly stands out on the shelves. Which is exactly what I like to see, I want something that sets them apart from the competition!

About Them:

Surprise your skin.® Wow your senses.™ At the sink or in the shower, enjoy delightful Softsoap® brand product fragrances. Softsoap® brand products are manufactured by Colgate-Palmolive Company. We make products to enhance consumers’ lives. Our consumer-centric focus helped us become the company we are today and continues to help us create great products.

Newly Released Fragrances:

Iced Kiss:

Imagine smelling the skin of someone who recently rolled around in a pile of candy canes! You get that sweet candy smell, but not the over powering mint. It’s very subtle and the perfect combination. The mint scent is just enough to put you in the spirit of the holidays, and crave that peppermint hot cocoa perhaps. The best about this is that my little ones really enjoy this fragrance too. Surprising to me because the peppermint is always “too spicy” for them.

Frosted Wish:

I’m afraid that I can’t put this fragrance into words and do justice by it. However envision yourself wrapped in candied cherries, and the mix of that nostalgic Christmas smell. It’s a mix of sweet fruit, with a hint of a garden flower smell. Nothing over powering, but certainly more of a feminine smelling body wash! Look at that cherry on the front of the bottle! It’s dusted with crystals and gives you such an empowering feeling. That’s exactly what these newly released scents do for your skin.

They both came in 18 fl oz bottles, an excellent size for my family! However they’re only available for a limited time, so run to your nearest Wal-Mart and stock up!

Available from November 2017- March 2018

Treat yourself, and your skin to a nice lather from using these products. I know that my skin would thank me for giving it a nice moisturizing clean. Mother nature can really damage your skin, and the best way to take care of it can start with Softsoap!

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