Nickels and Dimes: The Best Methods for Storing Your Coin Collection

Coin collecting is an age-old hobby, which gives you plenty of scope for getting interested in different areas. You can develop a broad interest in coin collecting in general, or you can look into specialist topics. As you grow your coin collection, you need to find ways to store and protect your coins. There are various methods and products you can use to keep your coins in order and in good condition too. You might find that some are better than others or some are more suitable for certain, more valuable coins. Take a look at some of these ideas for storing your coins and tips for choosing the best methods.

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Folders and Albums

Coin folders and albums help you store lots of coins together. They’re useful for gathering coins on different themes or just for putting a large collection of coins together. Some albums are pre-labelled, so you can choose one that’s most suitable for certain coins, such as an album for nickels or dimes. One example of these is Dansco albums, which have a range to choose from. You can also buy blank albums that you can label as you like. If you have a large volume of coins, particularly if some of them aren’t too valuable on their own, storing them in albums or folders is space-saving and efficient.

Coin Holders

Plastic or cardboard coin holders usually allow you store one or two coins in a small square or rectangle storage device. They’re useful if you want to protect your coins but perhaps don’t want to put them into an album. 2×2 plastic coin holders are a popular choice and don’t take up much space. Coin holders help to prevent damage to your coins from handling or other environmental factors, which should keep them in good condition for longer.


Capsules are a type of coin holder, but they can offer your coins more protection than other coin holders might. If you have a particularly valuable coin, you might get a third-party grading service to put it in a capsule for you. Some coins like the Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle silver coins might come packaged in capsules – you can learn more at This helps to preserve them even more, enabling you to avoid handling them. Capsules are durable, which makes them one of the best coin holder options.

Coin Safes

You might also be thinking in a wider context about how to keep your coins safe. As well as protecting them individually, you can consider how to make sure they are all protected together. Using a safe is a good idea to protect your coins in your home. You want one that’s tool resistant so that burglars can’t get into it. You might also consider maintaining the right conditions within the safe for your coin. Of course, fixing your safe in place is also a good method to use, so it can’t be taken away.

Think about the benefits that different types of coin storage will offer your coin collection. You will probably find that combining different organizational tools is the best thing to do.

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