Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts for Girls

“Our Nightmare Before Christmas gifts for girls is colorful, cool, and just a little creepy.” – Townleygirl

Nightmare Before Christmas

In honor of the fact that today is Halloween, I want to bring to you a special feature! Something I think is perfectly fitting for both Halloween, and Specifically Christmas! Who here loves Jack Skellington as much as I do? Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas are such huge icons for Christmas, and a great transition from Halloween. Townleygirl is no stranger on! They’ve been featured at least twice before for other various holidays! Townleygirl has such a wide selection of brand characters to offer girls. Age ranging from 3 and older, making these products perfect for your little girl! This post is going to specifically feature their Nightmare Before Christmas collection!

Nightmare Before Christmas by Townleygirl!

Nightmare Coffin Nail Polish Set


My daughter who is 4 loves having her nails painted, especially in bright vivid colors! These will be going in her stocking this year! The designs on all of these products are so beautiful, and reminiscent of the movie!

About This Product
  • Polish shades include lavender, fuchsia and red

Nightmare 4 Pack Lip Gloss with Coffin Carrying Case


About the Product:
  • Assortment of 4 glittery lip glosses and 1 tin case
  • Colors and flavors include: rose raspberry, green watermelon, purple grape and magenta bubble gum

While these lip gloss are flavored, I wouldn’t recommend licking it off your lips too much! My little one ended up with sparkles all over her mouth. In addition to tasting nice, they smell pretty good too!

Nightmare 3 Pack Molded Lip Balm

$ 4.99

These lip balms will creep and crawl their way into your heart. Nightmare themed, Jack-and-Sally lovers will love applying these fruity flavored balms to their lips!

About the Product:
  • Assortment of 3 lip balm balls
  • Colors and flavors include: purple grape, blue cotton candy and rose bubble gum
  • Disney’s Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas packaging

Take your love for Nightmare Before Christmas to the next level! With the Nightmare Ultimate “Jack” Dress Up Set $7.99, you can transform into Jack Skellington!

About the Product:
  • Includes 4 wells of face paint, 1 no-smudge body paint, 1 sponge with stick, 1 eye liner pencil, 1 sponge brush and 1 lip stick
  • Face paint colors include white and black
  • Eye liner pencil is black and body paint is black
  • Lip Stick is black and berry flavored


Nightmare Lip Gloss Set with Carrying Case


About the Product:

  • Assortment of 4 glittery lip glosses and 1 holographic tin case
  • Colors and flavors include: green mixed berries, blue blueberry, purple grape and magenta raspberry

GREAT NEWS!! If you’ve made it this far, I’d say you’re pretty interested in the Townleygirl Nightmare Before Christmas collection! Well lucky for you, you have the opportunity to receive, some or all of the above items! Enter the giveaway below, and the winner will be notified on November 14th 2017. Good Luck to all!


  1. Amber Mabry says:

    We normally put Christmas themed candy in the stockings and smaller items like jewelry.

  2. Angel Shearl says:

    We put makeup, chap stick, body wash, buds. Just different things like that.

  3. jessica marinaccio says:

    nailpolish, stickers, chapstick , candy

  4. Tara Taylor says:

    Have you seen the Tsum lip smacker Jack and Sally.

  5. Ellie Wright says:

    I put small toys, DVD’s and candy.

  6. Kellymcgrew says:

    For my nephew, I put flash cards, play doh, glow sticks, candy, little go packs of goldfish or teddy grahams, a holiday pet dispenser, and some art supplies like crayons and stickers.

    For my boyfriend, I include socks, starburst and skittles his favorite candies, scratch off lottery tickets, cool holiday themed travel sized liquor, and maybe 1 or 2 cheap movies that he likes.

  7. Stephanie Grant says:

    I usually always include a few small Lego toys, candy and body wash!

  8. I put candy and mini snowglobes in my kids’ stockings.

  9. Heather R Kelly says:

    Cookies, candy, socks, an orange or apple, lip gloss, nail polish, stickers and more.

  10. Candy, socks, hair rubber bands, lotion, crayons

  11. Lissa Crane says:

    I like to put lots of candy and a little gift card ($5) in my stockings! I found that this works for all ages and it’s super easy to get good deals on both during the holiday season!

  12. Heather Breyer says:

    We do candy, and a bunch of little things, like Pokémon cards, bubble bath etc

  13. Darlene Owen says:

    I only do stockings for my 7 grandchildren, so I put crayons, paints, lipgloss, etc.

  14. Dawn Monroe says:

    We have put makeup , candy , hair bows and toothbrushes in stockings.

  15. Jeremy McLaughlin says:

    Small toys, candy, toothbrush and deodorant.

  16. courtney hennagir says:

    I like to put fuzzy socks,candy,gift cards,lip balms,small novelty toys and a new shower puff.I usually end up overdoing it when it comes to stockings.They are just fun to put together!

  17. Teresa Thompson says:

    We put chap sticks, make up, candy and stickers.

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