logo (2)I am still having a really hard time getting my 21 mos old daughter to eat. When I finally get her to eat I feel like she’s not eating the right stuff, and I worry about her nutrition. She’s good about eating her fruit, and SOME of her veggies but I know she’s lacking a good source of protein and grains in her diet. She could always use a bit more veggies in her diet as well. So again I looked into more nutritious baby/toddler food companies/brands so that I could try something new for Raeya. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all your child is eating is pure fruits, veggies and whole grains? I know it makes me feel better knowing that. 

NurturMe sent me a review package that came with a variety of different items. Here is the package and it’s contents. 10656471_10152873189137807_977406924_n I got several different mixed grains with fruit and veggie mixtures. Now Raeya is capable of eating solid foods and I usually don’t encourage “backtracking” when it comes to eating and getting use to texture but sometimes she does way better with baby/toddler cereal with some yogurt or applesauce mixed in. I don’t do it often but when she’s hungry and I know she needs some good food in her system I’ll let her have it. These are great, and the ingredient lists for these are so simple.            11104035_10152873189192807_806877641_n I can pronounce everything that is in this and I know what it all is. I made Raeya this pouch Sweet Potato Oatmeal with Banana for lunch this afternoon and I think you should take a look at the video to see her reaction to it. She’s still learning how to use utensils effectively but I will add that the spoon sent with this review package has been one of the best spoons she’s used. It’s light weight- and its a wedge shape on the handle which helps Raeya get a good grip on the spoon. The mouth piece is actually made out of a flexible plastic so it doesn’t hurt her teeth.

11134226_10152873189242807_4665880_n I did add some texture to her cereal because she does really enjoy the dried fruit. I added to this bowl some Banana + Mango + Pineapple dried fruit pieces. It’s super easy to make just dump the cereal into a bowl and you can add any liquid you’d like. I used water today, but I will probably use milk or yogurt tomorrow. I guess it will depend on what Raeya enjoys the most. The recommended amount is 6-7 TBS and I think I added 8.5 to get it to a good consistency for Raeya. She doesn’t like her cereals really thick.

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If this is something you’d like to try for your baby you can begin your shopping here, or check the location link. If you’re from my area of Western New York you can find select products at Wegmans! The price may vary by location as well, but with this you’re getting what you pay for. Great quality, and great taste! Be sure to check out NurturMe on social media if you’d like.

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