Offering the Best, the Only and Unexpected

Offering the Best, the Only and Unexpected

Hammacher Schlemmer

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for someone in your family? Hammacher and Schlemmer has a wide and highly rated selection of products.  They’re great in Offering the Best, the Only and Unexpected! I’m sure there’s something for everyone in your family. The past few years some of the best given and received gifts have come from their website. They’re innovative, unique and for the most part affordable for anyone’s budget. Depending on the item you’re looking to purchase that it.

When thinking of items I wanted to feature this holiday season I took into consideration popularity. The popularity of travel is huge around the holidays. So many of us spend a majority of our holiday “vacation” traveling to see our loved ones. Some of us aren’t always fortunate to have our immediate family right around the corner. Which is exactly the case for my husband and I.
This holiday season,  we will be traveling with our two children from New York to Virgina. We will be visiting my brother and sister in law for close to a weeks time frame. While they have a room for us to sleep in, they don’t have a guest bed. So we agreed to bring our own accommodations, or sleep on the floor. Some of you can remember I turned 30 this year, and have a 4 year old. Those two things are more than enough to get us to bring a bed of our own.
Offering the Best, the Only and UnexpectedHammacher and Schlemmer sells a Inflatable Queen Size Sleeper Bed.

Price $99.95
In addition, it also doubles and folds into a couch with built in cup holders. This is plenty big enough for the three of is to fit comfortably on. The folding feature is a nice bonus as away to save space. In addition to it being used as additional seating if need be.

Features and Things to be Mindful Of:

This is the space-saving inflatable sofa that converts to a queen-size air mattress. Its inflated armrest and backrest retain their form as the cushioned seat unfolds to reveal a mattress comprised of three air-filled chambers. The unit inflates with an existing electric pump (required) BUT NOT INCLUDED Also the sofa’s 2-in-1 valves feature extra-wide openings for expeditious inflating and velocious deflating. Ideal for use in a leisurely rumpus room or luxurious camping tent, this inflatable furniture is constructed with resilient PVC and provides firm support for two people weighing up to 440 lbs. It deflates to 18″ W x 14 1/2″ H x 9″ D for compact storage and easy portability. With a soft flocked top surface, vinyl bottom, and a cupholder on each armrest.
In addition to the queen size air mattress another item used greatly while on holiday is camera’s. The ability to capture life’s moments in an instant has become second nature. I’m a professional photographer so taking a camera with my everywhere is also second nature. However lugging around my large DSLR isn’t always appealing. Which is why I looked for a more fun and convenient way to take photos while on vacation. The Instant Mini Photo Printing Camera is a great alternative for capturing life’s precious moments.
Taking it “old school” as some would call it has it’s benefits. The camera itself is so light weight and small. Which makes carrying it around less dreadful. Take a look some of the features of the Instant Mini Camera.
*Comes in 3 adorable colors (Green, Pink and Blue).
* Take up to 20 photos per film roll. Uses the Instastax camera film which is not included.
This is the point-and-shoot camera that instantly prints wallet-sized photographs. The camera uses high-speed, self-developing film to produce vivid, color 3 1/2″ x 2″ photographs that print out of the top of the camera seconds after the picture is taken. The camera has a 1/60 second shutter speed and its auto-retracting lens, automatic exposure control, and built-in flash with a range up to 8 3/4′ ensure crisp, clear photographs in all light conditions. Smaller than a smartphone, the camera stores unobtrusively in a pocket or purse. Includes enough film for 20 photographs, two AA batteries, a mirror for selfies, and a wrist lanyard.

Offering the Best, the Only and Unexpected

As you can see from just the two items I’ve featured that there’s a lot to discover at Hammacher Schlemmer. With categories ranging from electronics, apparel, home and even personal care. Consider doing all of your Christmas shopping online, and with Hammacher Schlemmer!


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