Do You Want To Pitch Me?!

As I have mentioned before- I've been working hard to create a list of items that one would want for Valentine's Day! This will hopefully be appropriate for everyone of all ages. I know that as a parent I get my children things for Valentine's Day just as my mother did for me. It is just something a little extra special for my children on this one day! Not because I feel obligated to, but because … [Read more...]

Gourmet Nut

When I make pitches to companies I think to myself a few things. The first thing is "I really hope I enjoy their products" and the second is usually about the impact I think it will have on my readers. I want to bring forth products that I feel my readers will get the most enjoyment from. If it spikes my interest I know a lot of people within my circle will more than likely be elated to know about … [Read more...]

Sally Hansen- Miracle Gel

As I continue my partnership with Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color, I bring to you the first No UV light needed Miracle Gel nail polish! With the glitz and sparkle for the holidays behind us, it's time for a nude start to the year! Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color have the perfect neutrals to keep your lips and nails looking beautifully natural! From the much adored new Sally Hansen Miracle … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Come Back Since… Ever! ♥ Hostess Cakes ♥

There isn't much introduction needed for this review! It's the well known, and even more well loved Hostess Cakes Company!! This is actually part of my Valentine's Day Gift Guide series. I contacted them because I knew they had to have something that they put out for the Valentine holiday. As a mother of a newly school aged child, there are so many rules about what things can be brought in to eat. … [Read more...]

Redmond Trading Company

 The Redmond Trading Company specializes in products that are simple, clean & real. At Redmond they believe nature has it right with products–and that they can’t improve upon nature. This principle, and a passion for wellness, is the philosophy behind all of their Redmond products. I am extremely eager to tell you about all of their products as they sent me one of each of their products. My … [Read more...]

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