Sexy Pop Popcorn & GIVEAWAY

I sometimes wonder what my UPS man, or FedEx man thinks when I get random packages. Sometimes I get boxes that have the companies logo or name on the outside of the package, other times it's just a plain brown box. This particular package made me laugh when I saw the package, I just knew my UPS man was like huh, I've never heard of Sexy Pop Popcorn! Good! That's exactly why I do these reviews, and … [Read more...]

Eatwhatever- Kissable Breath

Let me first clarify again, that EW stands for EatWhatever! We've all had the case of bad breath in probably the most inopportune times! Lucky for you, there is a product that can help fight bad breath in an instant and keep fighting it all day long! It seems impossible right, well that's what I thought too until I tried it. … [Read more...]

Laughing Giraffe Organics

With this post comes a little bit of a funny story! I absolutely had no idea what Macaroons, and a Macaron were two different things. I mean, when you look at the two, they are clearly two different things. However I didn't realize the pronunciation was different and that one was called the other. See for yourself, I know my best friend had no idea what was what! She wants a Macaron and I love … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Chocolate

 I can't even begin to tell you how awesome the Santa Barbara Chocolate company is. I spoke with a man named Jason when I requested to review their chocolates for Valentine's Day. I right off the bat could tell how much he believed in their products there. He was super eager to share the products with me and my family. He took the time to even ask what my chocolate preference was because we all … [Read more...]

Real Kids Shades

Attention parents of little kids!! Did you know that sunglasses are not a children's accessory, but their necessity! The sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your little ones eyes. Children's eyes have more of a risk of having permanent damage until the age of 10. The best way to look at is like this. You wouldn't allow your children to ride their bikes with out their protective gear, … [Read more...]