The name of this review pretty much says it all, well sort of. You're probably thinking what the heck is a selfie stick, and why would I even want one. Well, if we're all being honest I bet you have at one point or another taken a selfie, either by yourself or in a group. My husband so nicely pointed out that is it truly called a selfie if it's of an entire group.... and well, I literally have no … [Read more...]

♥♥♥Quick Update ♥♥♥

I want to let you all know what I have in the works for all of you! I am in the process of reaching out to companies who I think would be great for something I am putting together. Its called the ♥Valentines Day Gift Guide♥! It will be filled with different companies that sell a wide variety of different products. This will be great for anyone, your wife, husband or even your children! I am hoping … [Read more...]

Snack Factory- Pretzel Crisps

There is no denying that I am a snacker! I don't deny that, however I didn't always make the best choices when making snack choices, and I am paying for that right now. With that being said, as of a year or more ago I decided to make an honest effort to make as many positive and healthy food choices for myself and my family. We tried cutting out snacking all together, and well we all know that is … [Read more...]

Workout with Steezys!!!

With the new year finally here I know that a lot of peoples resolutions or goals are to get healthier. With that being said that might mean spending more time working out. I almost always have to listen to music while working out, and it's not always appropriate to be listening to it out loud so I always carry my headphones with me. Wouldn't you love a way to customize your dull, plain headphone … [Read more...]

Out of the Box Games– Snake Oil- Party Potion + GIVEAWAY

Being a mother of a an almost 6 year old, you can imagine how important it is to have fun games at home to play. I grew up loving games, and still do. My husband and I host game nights all the time, and I am sure our son will follow right along in our footsteps. To be honest, it doesn't seem like they come out with new board games, or card games before we get bored with the ones we have. So … [Read more...]

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