Dentek- Oral Care

This review is to rave about an oral care product that my family and I love. As a mother I try my best to teach and practice good oral hygiene and Dentek flossers really allows me to do so. Ive tried several different brands of floss, and the way Dentek makes flossing fun and easy for anyone is an outstanding characteristic that really sets them aside from everyone else. … [Read more...]

Taco Pizza Rolls- *Tonights Dinner*

I am trying something new with this review post- I will be reviewing a new recipe I found on Facebook on another Blog. So with that being said, some of these photos are NOT mine and are from The Girl Who Ate Everything's Blog. Check her out, she's got a lot of great recipe ideas what I will be trying too. So lets get into the Recipe I tried. … [Read more...]

Travelwise Packing Cubes- 5pk

There are a lot of people out there in the world who travel for the holidays. I was one of those people around Thanksgiving time, and it's a shame these hadn't arrived earlier because they would have been a life saver. The 5 piece Travelwise Cubes are a great product to help you get packed for vacation, or even a weekend trip away. … [Read more...]

Inbru- Coffee Flavor

I recently just got back into drinking coffee and I love the idea of having different flavors each morning. With Inbru Coffee Flavors this gives me the option to do just that. I chose to sample the Peppermint Bark Inbru Flavor as well as the Raspberry Truffle. I wanted the flavor without added sugar or all of the extra calories that come with drinking a flavored coffee at Starbucks, or your local … [Read more...]


Fresh-Tips a new on the go way of keeping your mouth fresh, and clean. I got my review package today and was really excited to try these out. Some mornings I have so much stuff going on, or I over sleep that I need a quick way of cleaning my mouth If I've left the house without brushing my teeth. … [Read more...]

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